The innovative video content platform AVA has garnered $6 million in financing, with revenue projected to hit $200 million by 2025.

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The innovative video content platform AVA has garnered $6 million in financing, with revenue projected to hit $200 million by 2025.

May 25
03:32 2023

According to foreign media reports on May 20th, the global new media video content platform recently secured $6 million in financing. This investment was prompted by a joint evaluation and investigation by globally renowned capital groups, with the ambition of crafting an industry-leading new media on a global scale. The financing will predominantly be allocated to the development of its media platform, in addition to investment in existing projects and external acquisitions. Given its market share and customer base, AVA’s revenue is anticipated to reach $200 million by 2025.


AVA exhibits extensive application prospects and industry applicability within the social media and self-media sectors. By implementing decentralization, AVA provides social media and self-media creators with a more equitable, efficient, and secure platform environment, fostering content creation, propagation, and value realization. As a seamless connector between global advertisers and traffic individuals, AVA is poised to forge more abundant and meaningful interactive experiences and business opportunities for users, creators, and advertisers.

In terms of its team, AVA is a technology-driven company centered around “Artificial Intelligence + New Media Advertising”. Founded by a core team of seasoned advertising practitioners and technical experts, AVA is bolstered by a professional operations team that proposes effective solutions. Additionally, they boast hundreds of underlying architects specialized in data intelligence and blockchain technology, all aimed at instigating a revolution in blockchain and new media, aligned with the company’s development direction and the shared pursuit of team members.

In the market, AVA is backed by robust capital support, with shareholders including numerous globally recognized investment institutions and private equity funds. It has achieved deep cooperation with information self-media platforms and data integration organizations in over 80 countries worldwide. AVA owns several advertising platforms and solutions, providing exceptional services and support for many internationally renowned brands. Proactively exploring the global digital media advertising market, AVA seeks to unearth further business opportunities and partners, aiming to realize a win-win situation for both the company and its customers.

Technically, AVA has constructed a fair platform system by incorporating blockchain technology, content evaluation and value systems, smart contract technology, and potent social functions, offering users an entirely new content experience and opportunities. AVA persistently optimizes its technology, further strengthening its foundational data security capabilities and enhancing the platform’s intelligence and user experience.

In terms of service, AVA’s platform introduces multilingual support, attracting users worldwide and providing diversified content and wider communication opportunities. Moreover, it places emphasis on community building, encouraging interaction and communication among users, while offering self-media authors and content creators additional advertising revenue opportunities.

In conclusion, AVA, as a powerful platform imbued with a strong sense of humanity, is bound to become known to those lacking opportunities and is sure to receive global acclaim. It strives to achieve global consensus, enabling all people to better share in the global traffic value dividends.

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