OMG Rewards Launches World’s First and Only Patented Gold-Back Rebates

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OMG Rewards Launches World’s First and Only Patented Gold-Back Rebates

May 13
00:07 2023
OMG Rewards Launches World's First and Only Patented Gold-Back Rebates
OMG Rewards has launched the world’s first and only patented gold-back rebate loyalty program. The Secured Savings Membership Club offers physical gold as a reward for purchases, providing financial security and value retention. OMG Rewards is also seeking strategic partners for its upcoming Gold-Back Credit and Debit cards.

May 12, 2023 – Puerto Rico – OMG Rewards is excited to announce the beta launch of their Secured Savings Membership Club, offering pure physical gold as a reward for purchases. This innovative rewards system is designed to ensure that rewards hold, or gain value with inflation, providing real financial security and benefit to members.

Existing rewards options such as cash-back and points, air miles, brand bucks, and coupons, all lose their value over time. OMG Rewards provides a secure and guaranteed way for members to retain and even gain value with their rewards. Members can purchase from their favorite retailers and wholesalers, receive free rebates in physical gold with every purchase, and sign up for OMG Rewards for free, receiving “tax-free” purchase rebates.

OMG Rewards holds a patent that covers all possible use applications of their gold-backed rewards system, attested to by Patent Arts Unit Examiners assessments and their well-qualified patent attorney’s firm.

“The loyalty and rewards space in the fintech industry is closing in on USD$200 billion per year globally (, and OMG Rewards has the only patented alternative to “Losing in Loyalty” rewards — real, pure Gold,” said a spokesperson from OMG Rewards.

OMG Rewards is transforming loyalty-rewards programs to the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) “Secured Savings System,” based on solid math and solid gold, as well as the historical and economic performance of gold.

Only pure physical 24K (.9999) gold has a 52-year history (1971-2023) of a CAGR gain in the value of more than 8%. In 1971, the value was $35 per troy ounce (8/16/1971), and today it has risen to $1983 (5/1/2023). When considering that most pensions need only 6.5% to 8% CAGR to remain solvent and pay all liabilities, gold is a solid asset, accumulating value over time, for anyone safely and securely.

OMG Rewards’ unique system promises to give members the power to save securely by just buying what they want and need, and receiving free gold, on top of their best deal made, as “Golden Icing” on the cake. The company is also seeking strategic partners for the world’s first gold-back credit and debit cards.

For more information about OMG Rewards, visit their website at and watch their explainer video “System Overview” at

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