Facilitating the new era of work with ergonomic furniture: MotionGrey redefines the workplace with standing desks built for comfort and productivity

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Facilitating the new era of work with ergonomic furniture: MotionGrey redefines the workplace with standing desks built for comfort and productivity

May 12
21:55 2023
MotionGrey’s cutting-edge ergonomic furniture products offer premium features at affordable rates.

MotionGrey, the leading provider of Canada’s most affordable electric standing desk, highlights its commitment to helping people improve productivity while paying attention to their health and comfort. MotionGrey founders are no strangers to the effects of prolonged sitting, which led to their exploration of ergonomic solutions. They developed a sit-stand desk to facilitate an active work lifestyle. The company offers the only electric height-adjustable standing desk with reliable German Manufactured Bosch motors.

A new era of work

Work is an inescapable part of everyone’s life, and for most people, work means sitting behind their computer for up to 12 hours a day. Prolonged sitting is a frightening reality that has impacted the physical health of many people. According to studies, the average person spends 8 to 10 hours sitting, which can lead to obesity, cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, and many other health problems. Experts recommend four hours of sitting a day, which is considered low risk, but in this case, what are people to do for the rest of their work day?

For a very long time, this question remained unanswered until the introduction of ergonomic solutions. The rise in non-traditional work practices, like remote working, standing at work, standing desks, standing desk converters, ergonomic chairs, and other workplace ergonomics, continue to facilitate a comfortable and healthy work environment. MotionGrey is leading the charge in Canada with its ergonomic furniture solutions designed for the modern worker.

Standing desk Canada

Standing desks are the most common ergonomic furniture as most people embrace the new sit-stand work routine. MotionGrey’s Motion Series stand-up desk offers a reliable solution to escaping the sedentary lifestyle of back pains, neck pain, poor posture, and other adverse effects. Standing while working has many benefits, including improved energy levels, a better mood, reduced fatigue, and boosted overall health.  

MotionGrey believes that the future of work is about more than being productive. It is about ensuring people pay more attention to their health and comfort while working. That is why the company is committed to providing affordable, cutting-edge ergonomic solutions to help customers feel their best as they achieve their goals.

MotionGrey has provided ergonomic workplace solutions since 2018, with products ranging from ergonomic chairs to standing desks and accessories. The company has furnished over 100 offices in Canada and partnered with international companies to help upgrade and modernize their workspaces with affordable office equipment. MotionGrey ergonomic furniture is designed to be adjustable and customizable to the needs of each customer, allowing them to create a comfortable, active, and productive working environment. 

As the world of work changes, there is a growing need for solutions to match these changes. MotionGrey considers all factors when developing its ergonomic solutions. As a trusted partner for high-quality, durable, and affordable standing desks and ergonomic furniture solutions that facilitate the future of work, MotionGrey renews its commitment to helping people improve their lives through ergonomics. 

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