Dr. Tabatha Russell: Empowering Clients with Financial Literacy and Expertise

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Dr. Tabatha Russell: Empowering Clients with Financial Literacy and Expertise

May 12
13:55 2023

Achieve financial freedom and security by listening to the wisdom of financial literacy expert, best-selling author, and leading international transformational speaker Dr. Tabatha Russell. With over two decades of professional experience in the industry, she is passionate about helping people take charge of their personal finances and gain control of their economic future.

Dr. Russell has become one of the most sought-after voices in transformational speaking today for her enthusiasm and empowering messages about money management and financial success. She is bringing her message to corporate groups, as well as college audiences nationwide, teaching them how to rethink their relationship with money and create better long-term outcomes for themselves through smarter saving, investing, budgeting, and planning techniques.

Her goal is to help individuals break free from the limitations they place on themselves due to poor financial habits, so they can embrace true financial freedom without any guilt or shame.

Affectionately known as the “Money Makeover Mogul,” Dr. Russell has become the leading authority on financial empowerment and creating environments that foster success. She mentors passionately, guiding them to transition from employee to CEO of their life, business, and legacy. “Take ownership by being the CEO of your life through transforming your mindset. You always see your dream first as a vision before you can be or build it,” mentors Dr. Russell. “Change your life through mastering your vision.”

In her impressive 20 year career, she has written several best-selling books on personal finance topics such as budgeting, retirement planning, debt elimination strategies, income generation ideas, tax planning tips, investment strategies for all ages groups, and risk management concepts for entrepreneurs.

Adding to her vast repertoire of highly sought-after skills, she has an exclusive platform to offer services to those who wish to give their story a voice and create multiple streams of income which is known as “Powerful on Purpose Summit; Fearlessly Market & Brand You”. Her expertise will provide coaching, training, and teaching for individuals to craft their stories into a powerful platform that can help them elevate those they serve. It will also help them to shift their mindset and learn how to monetize so that they can leave a lasting legacy.

In her exclusive speaking platform, Dr. Russell utilizes her skills in finances, as well as digital marketing strategies such as content marketing, SEO optimization, email list building, and social media management, in order to help her clients build an effective presence online. She will share her knowledge on how digital products can be used strategically so that individuals can generate more passive income streams by leveraging the power of the internet.

This move will allow Dr. Russell’s clients access to her skill set and unique approach, which focuses on both inner work (shifting mindset) and outer work (monetizing). She envisions her clients to not only make money, but also build an emotional connection with their audience allowing them to better communicate their message and  exponentially increase their visibility.

To learn more about Dr Tabatha Russell and her courses, visit Dr. Tabatha Russell | Dr. Tabatha Russell (

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