YKB Bamboo Tea Brings a Sweet, Earthy, and Mildly Flavored Choice Packed with Silica Content

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YKB Bamboo Tea Brings a Sweet, Earthy, and Mildly Flavored Choice Packed with Silica Content

May 11
18:31 2023
Two female entrepreneurs bring a calorie-free solution for women who are looking for a tasty health drink with the health benefits of silica, a collagen-producing compound.

Bamboo drinks have been in the spotlight before the pandemic. In 2015, bamboo water was introduced in the market and people who have tried it compared its taste to green tea. However, for some drinkers, bamboo tea can taste swampy.

Sachiko, half of the co-founders of YKB Bamboo Tea, is one of the few who didn’t like the taste of the bamboo tea she sampled in 2020. Stuck in Switzerland at the onset of a global pandemic, she had no choice but to drink it. After feeling its benefits after three days, she and her business partner, Linda, created YKB Bamboo Tea–the only bamboo tea brand in the market with a sweet, earthy, and mild flavor that suits picky drinkers, like Sachiko.

In one of YKB Bamboo Tea’s blog entries, Sachiko narrated the experience she felt after drinking bamboo tea. A few days after consuming it, her skin felt really smooth and her hair became shiny and smooth. She felt like she was being moisturized from the inside out.

Plus, she felt a lot less stiff after waking up in the morning. Her joints felt lubricated. Her teeth and gums were in better condition, as well. Her nails, which have always been brittle, became stronger than ever.

“It got to the point where I started to notice a difference when I went too long without drinking my bamboo infusion, and I began looking to see where I could replenish my bag once it ran out,” Sachiko said. A few months after, YKB Bamboo Tea was born.

YKB Bamboo is made from silica-rich, organic bamboo leaves. “It’s a healthy and delicious way to improve your collagen production, hair and nails, and skin. It is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties. It also gives you glowing skin and promotes healthy bones and joints. Last but not least, it strengthens hair, nails, and teeth as well as boosting immunity,” Sachiko shared.

Now, YKB Bamboo has become the go-to brand of tea fans with exquisite taste. To help drinkers concoct good-tasting drinks instead of having the tea on its own, the brand posts drink blends on its Instagram profile and Facebook page. One of the recipes calls for some YKB Bamboo Tea leaves, sliced apples, and a few cinnamon sticks. The brand also posts different ways of enjoying the tea during meal times, with food and tea pairing suggestions.

Native to the Eastern culture and terrain, bamboo tea leaves come from bamboo plants that are often mistaken as trees due to their capability to grow higher than most shrubs. Drinking bamboo tea offers several health benefits as it has high silica content.

Silica is the foundation of collagen, a protein that helps rejuvenate connective tissues, promoting healthy skin and joints. Silica is also known to improve symptoms of arthritis. Bamboo tea holds the highest amount of plant-based silica on Earth with one leaf containing 70% of organic silica.

YKB Bamboo Tea is calorie-free and preparing it is easy. Just pour near to boiling or boiling water over the tea leaves and steep for a minimum of two to five minutes or longer. These leaves can also be steeped overnight. After the first brew, bamboo tea leaves can be reused three to six more times.

Today, graceful aging is a trend, with so many older folks embracing the way they look with silver hair and doing fitness routines to keep their shape intact. Adding collagen to one’s diet won’t hurt as it can also do wonders for mobility, skin, and mental health. Take a drink and enjoy aging with a cup of YKB Bamboo Tea daily for that youthful glow and health benefits.

YKB Bamboo Tea is a US-based company that ships orders from California. The brand also shops internationally to most countries. To browse, shop, and learn more about the company, visit now.

About YKB Bamboo Tea

YKB Bamboo Tea delivers quality, silica-rich bamboo tea leaves for better health. This women-led brand of tea ensures consumers get only the best, premium product from actual tea leaves that will help drinkers feel vibrant, flexible, and strong. YKB Bamboo Tea is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a product that helps keep the skin hydrated, the joints lubricated, and the hair, teeth, and nails healthy.

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