Mao Libin Keeps Seeking Another Way, A Better Way and A Bigger Way for His Ambition on Agriculture

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Mao Libin Keeps Seeking Another Way, A Better Way and A Bigger Way for His Ambition on Agriculture

May 11
18:01 2023

As healthy, sustainable and inclusive food systems play critical roles in the world’s development, agriculture is a key enabler to the economic growth. While it accounts for as much as 4% of gross domestic product (GDP) globally, it does much more so in some disadvantaged countries or areas, which could be 25%.

Mr. Mao Libin, worked as Intermediate Agronomist and Chief Clerk successively in state-owned farm management bureau and Xinjiang Agriculture Department from 1998 to 2014. Soon after that, Mr. Mao entered Xinjiang Poly Xingnong Biological Co., Ltd and acted as CTO in 2014. He was tasked with significant project supported by World Bank, called Integrated Modern Agriculture Development Project which was to develop sustainable and climate resilient agricultural production systems in selected areas in China, like Gansu Province, Hunan Province, Jiangxi Province, Liaoning Province, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region and Chonqging City. The project was highlighted with four components, as irrigated agriculture infrastructure improvement listed among them.

For that, Mr. Mao spared no efforts to support the project by making umpteenth research and development. “Prevent Automatic Control Liquid Manure Integration Irrigation Equipment of Jam”, a patent developed by Mao and registered with certificate from National Intellectual Property Administration, was brought to the table in 2022, being well sold and widely applied since then around the world. The fertilization device get to optimize the farmland infrastructure, taking the reliability and efficiency of irrigation and drainage systems worldwide to the next level. It also largely stimulates irrigated agriculture and water productivity by improving water use efficiency and the adoption of water saving techniques.

Through years of hardwork by Mr. Mao Libin and his team in Poly Xingnong Biological, the flagship product “Plant Kesheng Refined Organic Fertilizer” has been developed. By adding biological extractants with insecticidal and disease-preventing effects, it does a trick in improving soil, enhancing crop disease resistance, and upgrading the quality of fruits and vegetables; the developed characteristic product “compound fertilizer with soil testing formula” has its own grading for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content, in three levels as high, medium and low. It can configure the amount of fertilizer according to the soil condition and the law of crop fertilizer demand, so as to achieve the purpose of saving cost and increasing efficiency.

In addition to commercialized agricultural technology projects, Mr. MAO also got fruitful academic research published, such as “High-efficiency cultivation technical regulations of Changting betel nut taro”, “Application analysis of plant protection technology in the production of pollution-free” and “Technology Screening and Evaluation of Tomato Varieties Resistant to Yellow Leaf Curl Virus Disease in Kashi Area” issued in Xinjiang Agricultural Science and Technology.

As a talent in agriculture technology, Mr. MAO Libin is on track towards more innovative attempts, and driven by his restless ambition to open up no ends of possibilities for the world’s agricultural development.

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