Los Angeles Based MetaMedia Capital Inc. Partners With Iranian-American Comedian Max Amini Founder of Abstraction Media For Film Financing & Production in Hollywood

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Los Angeles Based MetaMedia Capital Inc. Partners With Iranian-American Comedian Max Amini Founder of Abstraction Media For Film Financing & Production in Hollywood

May 09
23:08 2023

Self made multimillionaires and philanthropists Fahad Al Sufayeh and his partner Omid Rahravani, has entered an exclusive film financing and production partnership with Hollywood’s iconic Iranian American comedian Max Amini, founder of Abstraction Media INC in Hollywood. Abstraction Media was founded by Max Amini, a famous Iranian-American comedian, skilled actor, producer, and experienced director. Best known for his world tours as a stand-up comedian, Max has an impressive list of film and television credits, including starring roles in Netflix’s Real Rob alongside Rob Schneider and Adam Sandler. He has also appeared on NBC’s television series Heroes, Comedy Central’s Mind of Mencia with Honduran-American comedian Carlos Mencia, and an episode of Spike’s Car Radio Podcast. Max Amini is also known for his exclusive documentary-style interview that delves into the personal biography of Reza Pahlavi, the exiled Crown Prince of Iran’s former government. In the interview , giving Pahlavi a platform to share his perspective on the political events unfolding in Iran.

Legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld recognized Max as one of the top comedians to watch. Since establishing Abstraction Media in 2010, Max has sold projects to networks like Voice of America and Discovery, among others. Recently, he directed a coming-of-age drama titled James the Second. His latest successful projects include a Netflix original stand-up special, Enissa Amani: Erhenwort, a 12-episode reality car show, and a popular 24-episode talk show for the international network Voice of America. 

Fahad Al Sufayeh, Chairman of MetaMedia Capital, stated, “This historic collaboration will introduce Max Amini, an exceptionally talented Iranian-American celebrity with Middle Eastern roots and a remarkable track record of success in the entertainment industry, to produce and direct new films, thus unlocking tremendous opportunities for investors in the Arab world. This partnership will offer investment organizations and sovereign funds in the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia unparalleled opportunities to become a part of Max Amini’s thriving production, artistic creativity and film distribution ventures. This opportunity and alliance of working with an international talent like Max Amini in Hollywood will generate substantial synergies and foster continuous growth for the involved organizations. I am confident that this strategic collaboration will yield extraordinary results that surpass expectations.” 

Omid Rahravani, the CEO, remarked, “Max Amini is an extraordinarily gifted director and skilled film producer, boasting a remarkable global success record. As an Iranian American like myself, and a trusted friend, our organizations’ collaboration aims to propel Abstraction Media to become one of the world’s leading media film studios and a trailblazer in the entertainment industry. We are highly confident that our strategic partnership will showcase Max Amini’s unique creativity in producing award-winning films and TV shows to a global audience. Our primary objective for this alliance is to introduce accredited investors to Abstraction Media’s worldwide success, granting them access to their exclusive projects. Our organization will play an essential key role to establish financial partnerships between the interests of Investors in the Middle East that align with the interests of Abstraction Media in Hollywood “

MetaMedia Capital, with decades of combined experience in media and entertainment industries, is a global private equity firm specializing in technology, media, and entertainment sectors. The firm provides stage-agnostic development financing for expansion plans, acquisitions, and buyouts. MetaMedia Capital’s mission is to become Hollywood’s premier source for film financing and acquisitions, aiding major film studios in accomplishing their objectives by offering access to capital, industry knowledge, and talent. 

MetaMedia Capital has been at the forefront of technology, media, and entertainment investments, boasting a global network of strategic partners across North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Since its inception, the firm’s primary goal has been to foster growth opportunities for Hollywood and it’s international business partners, leading to substantial achievements and results. 

The founders of MetaMedia Capital, Fahad Al Sufayeh and Omid Rahravani, are esteemed entrepreneurs with a diverse portfolio of companies, including significant shares in Hollywood’s prestigious fast growing publication Lavish Life Magazine. From their early days, these visionary entrepreneurs have been passionate about investing in startups, particularly at seed and growth stages, presenting startup opportunities to their exclusive network of ultra-high net worth individuals worldwide. They have been recognized as leaders and experts in introducing innovative technologies to the Middle East region. 

Fahad al Sufayeh was born into a family with a strong legacy in Kuwait’s political and diplomatic scene, his roots and connections can be traced back to the former Amir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al Salam Al Sabah, and the recent Crown Prince Sheikh Meshaal Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah. His extended family includes ties to the Kuwait Royal Family, the second wealthiest in the world, who have been ruling the country since 1752. As the brother-in-law of Governor Sheikh Faisal Al Sabah, a member of the Kuwait Royal Family, Fahad’s connections run deep. With over 22 years of experience in developing and launching new businesses, he has proven himself as a visionary entrepreneur and instrumental in providing strategic direction and executive leadership to his subsidiary companies, enabling them to seize rapid growth opportunities. 

Throughout his career, Fahad has collaborated with numerous international companies, many of which are leaders in their respective industries. To date, Fahad al Sufayeh group of companies have brokered over $900 million worth of international contracts, primarily within the technology industry. With ambitious plans to surpass the $1 billion mark in the near future, Fahad al Sufayeh has demonstrated that his tenacity and entrepreneurial spirit are key ingredients to his success, setting him apart as a trailblazer in the business world. 

His partner Omid Rahravani is an American with Iranian roots from Los Angeles California , but had spent his younger years in Kuwait after his father relocated there in the 1950s to establish one of the first petroleum and oil lubricant distribution companies, which remains successful to this day. Omid Rahravani gained his business knowledge and experience from an early age from his father who was a self made success and world renowned businessman in the Petroleum industry.

Omid Rahravani holds a diploma from the prestigious University of Cambridge in England . He began his career decades ago as a financial advisor at the prestigious Wall Street brokerage firm Morgan Stanley, based in the former World Trade Center in New York, which manages over $1.1 trillion in assets. 

Throughout his life journey, Omid Rahravani has built a reputation as a trusted strategic advisor for international investors, royal families, and global companies looking to expand into the Middle East.

It has been rumored that Omid Rahravani and Fahad Al Sufayeh have an estimated combined net worth of $750 million, with the majority of their wealth generated from tech acquisitions , stock market and cryptocurrency.

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