Entertainment Insider on Actor & Producer Douglas Jeffery

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Entertainment Insider on Actor & Producer Douglas Jeffery

May 09
12:42 2023

Doug Jeffery is a multidimensional actor, producer, and the founder of 41 Sets. You might recognize him for his work in Fit Over Fifty, The Wraith and The Baby Pact among others. Here is our exclusive interview with Doug Jeffery; read on to find out the latest news and more.

Q: How did you get started in the entertainment industry?

Doug Jeffery: It all started with Chippendale’s. I was the official MC for Chippendale’s on the East Coast for several years. I traveled the world with them to South Africa, Australia, Canada and throughout the US. But ever since I was a little kid, I loved movies and wanted to be in them. So, in the 90s, I packed up and moved my life to Los Angeles in hopes of pursuing a career in entertainment.

I had family that was already in the movie industry. My Uncle Dick, otherwise known as Richard Merrell, was a noted set decorator and actor. My aunt was Jan Miner, you might know her as Madge the Manicurist from the Palmolive commercials. So, I guess you could say that I was already born into the entertainment industry in some ways.

Q: What are some projects you are working on now?

Doug Jeffery: I recently finished producing my first film, “Clown and Out”. It is a light-hearted, romantic comedy with grit. It stars Alejandro Edda from “Narcos” and “Purge Forever” and has a primarily Hispanic cast. My business partner, Rafael Loza, is originally from Mexico and wanted to create a bridge from Mexico to Hollywood for the filmmaking community.

I was also one of the executive producers on “The House”, an LBGTQ talk show on FOX SOUL.

We have been fortunate to have gone two seasons and are looking towards our third.

Last year, we were honored to win a HAPA Award for Best New Alternative Talk Show. Last season, Howie Mandel appeared on “The House” and one of the executive producers is Doug Deluca, longtime producer of “The Kimmel Show”.

Acting, I just finished a film, “The Wraith” which will be released in October of this year. I had the honor of working with director Mike Pizzimenti and producer Al Bravo “AlBravoFilms”. We filmed on location in Nelson, Nevada at a creepy ghost town in the dead of winter. All I can say is get ready for the scare of your life!

And I’m leaving in a few weeks to shoot an action film on location with a solid cast of known actors, so I consider myself very blessed to be in their company.

Q: What is your most memorable experience on set?

Doug Jeffery: I was in Goa, India, a Portuguese colony 200 miles south of Bombay. I was working with Gulshan Grover, an Indian actor, on a film for six weeks.

There was a scene where I was supposed to be doubled by a stunt performer. But, I asked the stunt coordinator if I could do the stunt myself. Somehow, I convinced him. I jumped on a trampoline out of a boat and they blew it up behind me! I have the utmost respect for stunt men, that’s for sure!

There were guys standing around in flip flops with bags of gasoline and it was one take as there was no going back. It was terrifying, but I’d do it again!

Q: How did you get into character?

Doug Jeffery: For my recent film role that I shot in Las Vegas, we shot in the middle of the night in the dead of winter in a creepy old ghost town, so that helped. Being immersed in an environment definitely helps you to bring the character to life.

Also, an excellent director, cast and crew help to create a realistic situation for an actor to perform. For this film, we were creating 1940’s Old West and the more realistic it was, the more it helped an actor get into character.

Q: What is one of your go-to mottos for success?

Doug Jeffery: Consistency is the key to success. If you want something bad enough, keep trying. Failure is just one step closer to your goal. As long as you keep moving forward, eventually you will pass GO and collect your $200.00. (I love Monopoly!)

I will fail my way to success.


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