Why The Hydraulic Breaker Does Not Strike Or Strikes Slowly?

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Why The Hydraulic Breaker Does Not Strike Or Strikes Slowly?

January 12
12:57 2023

Why The Hydraulic Breaker Does Not Strike Or Strikes Slowly?

The working principle of the hydraulic breaker is mainly to use the hydraulic system to promote the reciprocating movement of the piston. Its output strikes can make the work go smoothly, but if you have hydraulic rock breaker not strike or strike intermittently, the frequency is low, and the strike is weak. 

What’s the reason?

1. The breaker does not have enough high-pressure oil to flow into the breaker without hitting it.

Cause: The pipeline is blocked or damaged; there is not enough hydraulic oil.The treatment measures are: check and repair the supporting pipeline; check the oil supply system.

2. There is enough high-pressure oil, but the breaker does not strike.

the reason:

l Wrong connection of the inlet and return pipes;  

l The working pressure is lower than the specified value;  

l The reversing spool is stuck;  

l The piston is stuck;  

l Nitrogen pressure in the accumulator or nitrogen chamber is too high;

l The stop valve is not opened;  

l The oil temperature is higher than 80 degrees. 

The treatment measures are:   

(1) Correct;

(2) Adjust the system pressure;

(3) Remove the valve core for cleaning and repair;

(4) Whether the piston can be moved flexibly when pushing and pulling by hand. If the piston cannot move flexibly, the piston and guide sleeve have been scratched. The guide sleeve should be replaced, and the piston should be replaced if possible;

(5) Adjust the nitrogen pressure of the accumulator or nitrogen chamber;

(6) Open the shut-off valve;

(7) Check the cooling system and reduce the oil temperature to working temperature

3. The piston moves but does not strike.

In this case, the main reason is that the chisel of hydraulic rock breaker is stuck. You can remove the drill rod and check whether the drill rod pin and the hydraulic rock breaker chisel are broken or damaged. At this time, just observe whether the piston in the inner jacket is broken and the falling block is stuck. If there is any chisel, clean it up in time.

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