MMA MASTERS makes global headway as the #1 martial arts training facility in South Florida

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MMA MASTERS makes global headway as the #1 martial arts training facility in South Florida

October 26
11:02 2022
MMA Masters, which consistently ranks among the best academies in the world for martial arts, offers a nurturing, fun, and supportive environment that enables everyone to enjoy the benefits of martial arts.

MMA MASTERS continues to take the fitness world by storm as Miami’s top martial arts academy, showcasing award-winning instructors that are not only proven competitors at the highest levels in the world but have also earned instructor certifications from the foremost authorities. 

“MMA Masters is on track with its mission to inspire dramatic positive change in our students, instructors, World Champions, fighters, and staff by empowering them to achieve a healthier, happier, and more productive life through martial arts,” according to Cesar Carneiro and Daniel Valverde, the owners of MMA MASTERS.

By creating a safe, fun, and supportive environment, MMA Masters enables each one to enjoy the benefits of martial arts, which include fitness and good health, confidence, mental strength, discipline, self-defense for the real world, and lifelong friendships. 

Cesar Carneiro was born in Salvador, Bahia, Brasil. Considered a legend in the world of Capoeira, Master Cesar was instrumental in popularizing the art in the United States. Now, Master Cesar is one of the world’s most sought-after MMA striking coaches with his unique blend of Capoeira, Muay Thai, and Boxing. Meanwhile, Daniel Valverde was born on August 10, 1976, in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. Daniel is the son of Belmiro Valverde, a Judo black belt. Belmiro, who actively competed until he was well in his 60s, started teaching his son the Judo game from the age of 4 and saw Daniel graduate as a black belt when he was 19 (in 1995).

The Pro fighters that compete or competed for MMA MASTERS include Colby Covington, Ricardo Lamas, Amanda Nunes, Luis Palomino, Nate Landwehr, Miguel Baeza, Rafael Alves, Priscila Cachoeira, Collin Luberts, Danny Chavez, Cezar Mutante, and Josh Samman. 

MMA MASTERS offers a wide range of services that include MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Gi & NOGI), Judo, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Capoeira, Kids MMA, and Personal training.

MMA MASTERS provides classes for adults and children of all levels, from beginners to professionals. Its team of professionals helps individuals reach their goals, whether they want to learn self-defense, become better athletes, or lose weight and stay in shape. The team is dedicated to the highest quality of Mixed Martial Arts training

MMA Masters is committed to continually enhancing its program to address exercise, drills, safety, and a realistic approach to self-defense situations. Its team of experts provides “Build Confidence Through Achievement” and offers an environment conducive to positive relationships fostering self-discipline, self-confidence, and self-respect. 

While other fitness activities will get the sweat going, martial arts is constantly engaging the entire body, giving individuals the results they are looking for in their overall health.

Those ready to take their fitness to the next level and train in different martial arts styles may reach out to  MMA MASTERS via to get started.

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