[QIANFU XIU QIFUSHOW] The extraction of Australian tea tree has remarkable acne removing effect

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[QIANFU XIU QIFUSHOW] The extraction of Australian tea tree has remarkable acne removing effect

October 25
17:06 2022

Speaking of acne, many people will frown, then, really understand acne? What is acne? What is the formation mechanism of acne? What are acne points? How to improve acne muscles and get rid of “blind acne”!

Basically, the formation of acne is affected by both internal and external factors, mainly due to the thick cuticle of the skin, improper daily cleaning, and improper use of cosmetics; The internal causes mainly include physical changes in adolescence, endocrine disorders, unhealthy life schedule, etc.

In addition, acne is divided into non inflammatory and inflammatory. Non inflammatory acne mainly occurs in the form of blackhead acne and whitehead acne, which will mainly lead to skin blockage and secretions cannot be eliminated. In the long run, acne will develop more seriously, from blockage to infection, causing skin redness, swelling, heat and pain, further breeding more bacteria, and causing unimaginable damage to the skin barrier.

Under the general environment of “beauty is the ticket”, there are various cosmetics and skin care products. However, not all products are suitable for people with acne. Some inappropriate products attract many consumers under the banner of “short-term effectiveness”, but there are many harsh chemical additives in the products. These ingredients not only do no good to the skin, but also cause more serious skin damage, Then the tragedy of “hormone face” appears. Therefore, most people have formed a kind of psychology, and their skin is still not improved after spending a lot of money!

What if there is a product that can deeply remove acne and control oil? Small editor’s recommendation: Qianfu Xiu Acne Removing and Skin Revitalizing essence.

In order to test the acne and oil control effect of the product, [Qianfu Xiu Acne Removing and Skin brightening essence] cooperated with the authoritative inspection agency to recruit 30 volunteers for human body test. The oil content was significantly improved in the second week, the fourth week (P<0.05), the water content was significantly improved in the second, second and fourth weeks after the use of the product (P>0.05), and the TEWL value was significantly improved in the fourth week after the use of the product (P>0.05), The final conclusion is that the effect of the test sample is significant.

Qianfu Xiu Acne Removing and Skin Revitalizing essence is mainly composed of Melaleuca alternifolia, witch hazel and sophora flavescens root extracts, all of which are extracted from natural plant ingredients. Among them, Melaleuca alternifolia can balance water and oil, clean pores and inhibit the growth of acne, and effectively improve the problem of increased skin oil secretion caused by teenagers and bad conditions. Hamamelis in North America helps skin cells to enhance metabolism, astringe pores and lock skin moisture, accelerate the overall renewal of skin cells, and guide their healthy development. Sophora flavescens root extract can activate cells, promote collagen production, and make skin bright.

Highlight: Qianfu Xiu has extracted Australian treasure tree (tea tree essential oil), which has reliable scientific evidence to prove that Australian tea tree essential oil can effectively prevent skin bacterial infection, maintain and promote skin metabolism, and has stable aromatic properties. Tea tree oil, as an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory plant ingredient, can actively clean the tissues around cells, inhibit the growth of bacteria, and provide a clean and stable environment for sebaceous glands. Under the premise of not stimulating the skin, so as to achieve the remarkable effect of acne control oil.

Conclusion: Qianfu Xiu is a well-known skin care brand, and many quality inspection reports have been filed. This acne removing essence, extracted from Australian tea tree and other plant ingredients, passed the 28 day test on human body, and the skin has no adverse reactions, and the acne removing and oil controlling effect is “significant.”

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