Sohnne Inc, The leading Online Furniture Announces a New Business Venture Called Artdigest

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Sohnne Inc, The leading Online Furniture Announces a New Business Venture Called Artdigest

October 24
19:54 2022

Sohnne Inc, a leading furniture dealership announces its most recent business venture, Art Digest. Sohnne Inc was founded in the year 2018 for the purpose of providing high-end furniture pieces and electronics. Sohnne’s designs have been admired by hundreds of its devoted clients and serve as an example to peers due to their focus on exquisite aesthetics, comfort, and unmatched craftsmanship.

The inclusion of Art Digest will increase Sohnne Inc.’s market penetration. As high-end furniture is Sohnne’s primary focus, the improvement of the interior’s appearance and aesthetic in harmony with the furniture will be the main emphasis of Art Digest.

A consumer’s lifestyle can be effectively represented through their home decor. In order to give a home or apartment a more aesthetically pleasing and welcoming appeal, home decor products are used in conjunction with various accessories and furnishings. Having access to everything that customers might need is Art Digest’s primary goal. As urbanization and globalization trends continue to rise, home decor has become more popular in both developed and developing markets. Nowadays, consumers can easily and widely access these decorative items, designs, and ideas. In order to keep their homes looking nice and organized, homeowners are also becoming aware of the need for such items and frequently look for them. 

Art Digest

Sohnne Inc. CEO Laurent Putra said, “This idea has been in progress right after the launch of Sohnne Inc. We can finally cover more aspects of interior design, by providing our customers with art that would suit best for their homes as well as table figurines, statuettes, and many more.” He continued, “ArtDigest will also be a great addition to the growing family that we have. We have Sohnne, Koizuma, and now Art Digest. Equinox Technology team and I are all very excited.”  

 Art Digest

Art Digest

About Art Digest 

ArtDigest offers home and workplace décor/displays, and canvas art that artists have mass-produced from around the world and the United States. In order to preserve quality, improve the buying experience for customers, and most importantly, curate the paintings we provide, ArtDigest does not operate as a platform or marketplace but as direct selling.

About Sohnne:  

Sohnne is a manufacturer of high-quality, cost-effective smart home furnishings. We take pride in offering trending furniture of the finest quality. In order to further the diversity of furniture goods, we also seek out furniture that is made of high-quality materials, durable, hygienic, and comfortable to use.

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