Brazilian Fintech Abrão Filho Banking & Câmbio Keeps Outperforming Traditional Banks and Brokerages

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Brazilian Fintech Abrão Filho Banking & Câmbio Keeps Outperforming Traditional Banks and Brokerages

October 24
13:51 2022
Abrão Filho Banking & Câmbio is a leading Brazilian fintech firm offering a broad spectrum of online banking services at highly approachable prices.

Abrão Filho Banking & Câmbio is the first Brazilian foreign exchange fintech; it set the bar for future generations of fintech groups & firms, as well as inspired a wave of companies that came to the scene years later.

Founded in 2011 by Abram Filho, Abrão Filho Banking & Câmbio is on a mission to transform online international payments and empower its clients with the convenience of seamless online trading.

After Abrão Filho Banking was established, dozens of new fintech foreign exchange groups followed, inspired by the great work of Abram Filho and his staff. 

Abrão Filho spearheaded the implementation of various trade policies, which brought a revolution in the foreign exchange market in Brazil. From remittance with withdrawal, without withdrawal, or online remittance without exchange brokerage to streamlined exchange closing, virtually unlimited foreign exchange operations, and more affordable exchange spreads, Abrão Filho revolutionized online exchange norms in Brazil and beyond. 

Abrão Filho Banking & Câmbio is built upon the pillars of diversity and grew as its team got bigger. By embracing experts and inspired individuals from across all compass points, Abrão Filho Banking became not only the first Brazilian foreign exchange fintech company but also the fastest-growing one. 

Regarding the company’s forward-thinking approach, Mr. Abrão Filho, the founder of the largest fintech firm in South America, imparted the following:

“We seek to escape the traditional patterns of the Brazilian financial and foreign exchange market, where a privileged majority is prioritized, whether by social classes, races, and genders, occupying leadership positions and taking the lead in a country where diversity is considered among top values. We opened the doors to equality, where the exchange of cultures, experiences, and ideas made the environment, whether physical or virtual, became fertile ground for innovation and collective growth, increasing our desire and inspiring us to be better and better every day,” said Mr. Filho.

Abrão Filho Banking & Câmbio closed 2021 with over $1 billion and more than 16,000 foreign exchange contracts. For more than a decade, the company kept outperforming traditional banks and exchanges by delivering consistent, predictable results. 

Regarding the firm’s catalog of products, Abrão Filho Banking & Câmbio offers a broad spectrum of services; from bespoke exchange consulting, and streamlined & superiorly secure foreign exchange accounts, to traditional commercial exchange services, Abrão Filho Banking & Câmbio is capable of catering to the needs of all of its clients. 

What separates this Banco de Câmbio from contemporary alternatives is a variety of unique features, including but not limited to free exchange consulting & market analysis, exceptionally affordable exchange services, fully customizable forex bank accounts, unlimited international money transfers, and more.

More information about Abrão Filho Banking & Câmbio is available on the company’s official website.

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