Dicumyl Peroxide Market Size Expected to Reach USD 270 Million with CAGR of 3.9%% by 2027 – IndustryARC

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Dicumyl Peroxide Market Size Expected to Reach USD 270 Million with CAGR of 3.9%% by 2027 – IndustryARC

September 20
19:43 2022
Dicumyl Peroxide Market Size Expected to Reach USD 270 Million with CAGR of 3.9%% by 2027 - IndustryARC
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The global Dicumyl Peroxide Market size will increase owing to its rising application in the plastics, polyolefin, acrylic resins, additives, rubber, wire and cable insulation, and others during the forecast period.

IndustryARC, in its latest report, predicts that The global Dicumyl Peroxide Market size is estimated to reach US$270 million by 2027 after growing at a CAGR of around 3.9% from 2022 to 2027. The dicumyl peroxide is as a cross-linking agent that is used for elastomers and synthesis of polylactic acid composite fibers. It is also used as a vulcanizing agent for plastics and rubber applications. The dicumyl peroxide has growing application in polymers manufacturing, polyolefin, rubber, wire and cables, acrylic resins, and others. Moreover, the growing demand of dicumyl peroxide for polymer manufacturing and rubber applications is creating a drive in the global dicumyl peroxide market. The rise in applications for major end-use industries such as plastics, automotive, paints and coating, and others will offer major growth opportunities in the market during the forecast period. The report offers a complete analysis of the market, its major segments, growth factors, trends, drivers and challengers, key players and more.


Competitive Landscape:

The top 5 players in the Dicumyl Peroxide industry are –

1. Shandong Rui Huang Chemical Co Ltd

2. Green Chemicals Spa

3. Dongsung Corporation

4. Sundow Polymers Co., Ltd

5. China Petrochemical Corporation


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Segmental Analysis:

1. By application, the polymer manufacturing segment accounted for the largest share in the global dicumyl peroxide market and is expected to grow with a CAGR of around 3.1% during the forecast period. The dicumyl peroxide has growing demand in the production of elastomers and polymers such as PVC, PU, PP, and others. It is used as an initiator in the plastic rubber sector and has growing application in rubber seals, plastics, tires, hoses, and others.

2. By geography, the Asia Pacific is the fastest-growing region in the global dicumyl peroxide market and is expected to grow with a CAGR of around 4.7% during the forecast period. The high demand for dicumyl peroxide in this region is influenced by the rising application in various end-use industries and growth in manufacturing projects. Furthermore, the increasing plastics manufacturing activities is propelling the growth in the market, as dicumyl peroxide acts as a cross-linking agent for polymers and elastomers.

3. By end-use industry, the automotive segment held the largest global dicumyl peroxide market share and is expected to grow with a CAGR of over 4.5% during the forecast period. The growing demand of dicumyl peroxide in the automotive sector is influenced by application such as automotive plastics, rubber tires, and others. The dicumyl peroxide plays a vital function as cross linking agent for polylactic acid synthesis and curing agent in polymers and rubber. 


Report Coverage

Report Attributes


By Grade

Analytical, Technical, Industrial

By Function

Cross Linking Agent, Curing Agent, Flame Retardant, Polymerization Initiator

By Purity

Below 90%, 90%, and Above 90%.

By Application

Polyolefin, Wires and Cables, Rubber, Polymers Manufacturing, Additive, Composites Fibers

By End Use Industry

Chemical, Plastic Industry, Automotive (Passenger Vehicle and Commercial Vehicle), Paints & Coating Industry, Adhesive Industry

By Geography

North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America and Rest of World


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Market Drivers and Challenges :

1. Rising application in plastic manufacturing: The dicumyl peroxide has rising demand in the manufacturing polymers and cross linking of thermoplastics. It is used as a cross linking and vulcanizing agent in polymers and elastomers. The dicumyl peroxide offers enhanced durability in the polymers, thereby boosting the demand across various industries.

2. Increasing demand in the automotive sector: The dicumyl peroxide has growing application in the automotive sector such as in rubber tires and plastics for automotive components. The dicumyl peroxide acts as a high temperature cross linker in plastics and rubber. Moreover, the growing vehicle production across the globe is driving the market for dicumyl peroxide.

3. Health hazards and environmental threats: The dicumyl peroxide has several environmental and health hazards. It is highly combustible and flammable. The dicumyl peroxide is a toxic chemical and lead to various health hazards such as skin irritation, eye irritation, respiratory problems, and others. Furthermore, the storage and handling of dicumyl peroxide requires additional care owing to its flammability and instability.


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