Typhoon Honey: The Only Way Out Is Through by Kris Girrell & Candace Sjogren

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Typhoon Honey: The Only Way Out Is Through by Kris Girrell & Candace Sjogren

July 29
22:41 2022
Typhoon Honey: The Only Way Out Is Through by Kris Girrell & Candace Sjogren
Typhoon Honey: The Only Way Out Is Through by Kris Girrell & Candace Sjogren

Picking up where The Secret left off, Typhoon Honey provides hands-on exercises, revealing how all of this works and how you can become the sole, uncontested author of your future.

On the back side of every breakdown is a new set of skills learned. Some of our best and most effective skills and values are gained not through practice, but through breakdowns. The toughest leadership skills…are learned only by falling down in the game of life. It is only through humiliation that we learn to be humble. It is only through crushing pain that we find compassion. And it is only in being blindsided that we finally open our eyes and ears enough to truly see and listen. That is the breakdown/break-through process. There are no shortcuts and there are no easy answers. And as we always say, the only way out is through! – excerpt from Typhoon Honey

Typhoon Honey lays out a path not only for understanding the process of transformation but also for understanding how to tailor these tools to one’s own life. Building on a foundation of physics and psychology, the authors show readers how to build a personal practice of being the source of your life. While most others are riding through life as a passenger on the train, Typhoon Honey provides an instruction manual on becoming the fully accountable and responsible source of everything that happens around you. Life is no longer a straight-line projection from past to the future. This text is divided into four main sections:

  • The physical foundations of source – Learning to work in harmony with the forces of nature, the laws of motion, and change.
  • The psychological foundations of source – Knowing how the mind works, how emotions are made, and how experiences shape our perceptions of the world.
  • The tools of becoming source – Learning to understand our operating state and our operating context better so that we can shift as needed.
  • Standing as source – Taking full accountability of what happens and what is still unformed to create your ideal life.

“This phenomenal self-help book could help unite the world and reduce suffering.”
(Readers’ Favorites review)

Kris Girrell is an author, speaker, and executive leadership coach on a global level. He holds advanced degrees in psychology, theology, and coaching. Kris has lectured, presented, and coached clients in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia/Pacific.

Candace Sjogren is a corporate executive, entrepreneur, trainer, coach, angel investor, Head of Emerging Sales at Marqeta, and CE O at Boston Breakthrough Academy (leadership development for adults). She also founded two fintech companies and has served as chief strategy officer at lending platforms nationwide., and select book retailers

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