Star Registration shares why buying a star is the perfect gift for any occasion in 2021

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Star Registration shares why buying a star is the perfect gift for any occasion in 2021

June 08
06:48 2021

Star Registration has unveiled a game-changing platform that allows people worldwide to record and name stars for either themselves or their loved ones.

“When you name a star for a person, it shows that they are special enough to have their own star. Naming a star is a long-lived and intimate gift as your named star will be shining brightly for many years ahead,” a representative of the company said in a statement. 

Individuals looking for the perfect gift in 2021 can buy a star as a way to celebrate the birth of a baby, Christmas, birthday, or as a gift for a wedding anniversary. They can also name a star to remember a loved one who passed away or acknowledge a romantic relationship.

“There are 100 billion stars per galaxy – same goes for the number of reasons to get one. For us who have loved ones, they deserve to be treated in a special way,” the representative added.

Star Registration said the opportunity to name a star is the perfect gift for any occasion and suits every kind of gift taste. The company said it names stars that can be clearly viewed from the earth all year long. 

Those looking to check out the available names can find their star in the official database of Star Catalog. Every star it names is recorded and can be easily retrieved. It means that star names are registered in the database instantly. 

The Star Catalog is also constantly monitored to ensure there are no duplicates in the database. It assures that every record of a star name is unique and timeless. 

“Unfortunately, no scientific entity sells stars. You can’t even turn to the International Astronomical Union (IAU) for help because they are only working for scientific purposes. Despite all the resistance, you can buy a star for someone on the Star Registration website,” the representative said.

The company said it has scaled up efforts to offer quality service for those in need and has helped individuals express delicate emotions through a gift that would eternally shine upon them.

“A star isn’t your ordinary gift. It represents the magic of the universe and hope since we all gaze upon the night sky and seek redemption,” the representative explained.

Those interested can head to the Star Registration website and choose from the offers available to buy a star online.

They have to choose the name of their star and add an emotional message for their Certificate. They would then decide on the star brightness degree and specific constellation for their star. 

Star Registration has provided a simple video about buying a star to guide them in the process. The star will be visible in the United Kingdom, India, United States, Australia, and the rest of the world.

“We give out only visible, bright stars, and they are selected depending on your location. So you can always be sure that your star shines above you,” the representative assured.

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