Move over sneakers, Graffiti and contemporary styled watches timelessly define the future with HappieWatch.

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Move over sneakers, Graffiti and contemporary styled watches timelessly define the future with HappieWatch.

June 08
06:24 2021

Making investment to symbolize status or identity has been a must across generations of people; historically, these status must-haves have usually revolved around fashion. The Z-generation and new millennials showcase their evolving style by wearing sneakers and avant-garde accessories. HappieWatch is one of the most popular accessory brands among these youngsters.

HappieWatch playfully deconstructs the conventional watch industry and boldly redefines and shapes modern timepieces. The watches embrace imagination, the unknown and unexpected Z-gen fashion and form perfectly curated collections of limited contemporary watches. Time is an unrestricted sequence of events and existence. HappieWatch is the new generation interpretation of the past, present and future.

Brand designers have worked with contemporary graffiti and tattoo artists from around the world and worked collaboratively to create visually appealing and exploratory designs that echo millennial’s creativity. The unique double-eye design differentiates the hour and the minute hand and nods to the limitlessness of energy, originality and time. The bold frame contains colorful and unique designs synonymous with modernity and youthful energy.

HappieWatch values quality and craftmanship. Artisanal watchmakers who practice traditional Swiss techniques craft each watch by hand. Thickened sapphire crystal, one of the hardest coatings in the world, seals precision stereoscopic technology. The watches have smooth dual Japanese quartz movements protected by a finely polished stainless steel case.

Each watch embraces diversity and inclusivity regardless of age, gender and ethnicity. Not only are the watches created for individuals who want to express themselves, but each watch has a one-off micro-code that makes the watch as unique as the wearer. The straps are interchangeable so that they can be coordinated with the day’s mood and clothing.

Not only does HappieWatch depict extraordinary animals, but they are cruelty-free. The straps are made out of top-grade organic vegan leather. It is HappieWatch’s mission to connect the hearts of the world with empathy and compassion.

HappieWatch seamlessly combines collectable value and urban art; their value will only rise in price as buyers move through time. It is the new favorite accessory of next generation consumers.

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