Supreme Air Products providing industry leading Pneumatic Cooling Technology

May 04 23:22 2021

Supreme Air Products represents a new generation of compressed air products. Their Pneumatic Cooling products ranges from Air knife to Vortex tube, Cabinet cooler, Air wipe, Cold air gun, Air amplifier, Air conveyor, Drum pump, Air nozzle and Air jet. All their products meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) maximum dead ended pressure requirements.

Their Cold Air Guns are cost effective, reliable and safe method to cool drill bits, end mills, saw blades and other tools. They are compact pneumatic product designed to separate regular compressed air into cold and hot air streams. Cold Air Guns are powered entirely by compressed air, eliminating the need for dangerous coolants. With cooling capacities of up to 2100 BTUs, Supreme Air Products Cold Air Gun provide the perfect solution for quick and effective cooling in numerous industrial applications.

Their electrical cabinet panel coolers are a simple, reliable and inexpensive method to cool and climatize all types of electrical panels and enclosures. Supreme Air Products are efficient pneumatic product designed to separate regular compressed air into hot and cold air streams. Their coolers only require compressed air to operate, which eliminates the need for dangerous refrigerants or freon gases. With large cooling capacities of up to 7200 BTUs, they provide the perfect solution for quick and effective cooling in numerous types of electrical cabinets and enclosures.

Their vortex tube separates regular compressed air into cold and hot air streams. It is a pneumatic product which does not require any electricity, refrigerants, or other gases to operate because it is powered entirely by compressed air. Its small size allows it to be easily integrated into a variety of industrial applications. The Supreme Air Products vortex tube is ideal for fast and effective spot cooling, as it offers cooling capacities of up to 2800 BTUs and can create temperature drops of up to 80°C. Vortex tubes can also be used for heating purposes, with a convenient temperature adjustment screw that allows the user to control the proportions of hot and cold air released by the vortex tube.

Supreme Air Products goes above and beyond to ensure that installation of their products is simple and easy.

They offer vortex tubes in aluminum or stainless-steel material with a variety of CFM capacities ranging from 2 to 40 CFM. The small vortex tube ranges from 2 to 8 CFM, while the medium vortex tube ranges from 10 to 40 CFM. Using their optional generators, these capacities can be changed quickly and easily with the simple turn of a screw. For example, a 10 CFM vortex tube that is used for small cooling needs can be changed to 40 CFM for maximum cooling needs in less than 30 seconds.

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Supreme Air Products vision is to modernize an outdated industry through their user friendly interface, convenient checkout process, and same day shipping policy. They offer an industry leading 8 year warranty and 20 day money-back guarantee. They provide modern solutions for ongoing issues across a wide variety of industries and also focus on sustainability by maintaining environmentally friendly operations and offering energy saving products to our customers.

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