Settlement Agent Perth Defines How Covid Has Changed The Way They Do Business

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Settlement Agent Perth Defines How Covid Has Changed The Way They Do Business

April 19
21:55 2021
WA Settlement Services, a real estate settlement firm in Perth, explains some differences in how the company operates since the expansion of COVID regulations.

WA Settlement Services and Tracey Vermaak are pleased to announce that the firm has made several changes to its standard operating procedures to remain in compliance with any regulations set out by the government. The settlement agent Perth firm not only follows the official regulations for legal reasons, but it also wants to protect the health and well-being of its customers and employees. Some of the changes in procedures affect employees, while others are more comprehensive. Because different businesses have different requirements, they must set COVID policies and procedures which will mesh with the official requirements.

During the lockdown, no one was allowed to be in the office. This meant that many of the personnel worked from home. Since returning to the office, hours have become more flexible, and some individuals prefer the remote option where possible. For some people, it may be more productive to work from home.

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At Landgate, for a long period of time, there were no manual lodgements. The documents were required to be date stamped and placed in a sealed box to be processed by staff members at a later time. LAC approvals were also a requirement before documents could be lodged, which meant more work for Settlement Agents. Some clients prefer their documents to be posted or emailed to them rather than coming to the office. The Verification of Identity process has had to change; ID documents are verified via video call if unable to meet in person.

The firm is already doing a high portion of their settlements online through PEXA, which is beneficial, but from time to time they still need to meet in the city for paper settlements. Whenever anyone enters the office, face masks are preferred, as well as regular sanitising and ‘checking-in’ to the COVID-Safe app. The changes have taken some getting used to, but most individuals understand the need for the revised methods for doing business safely and compliant.

About the Company: 

WA Settlement Services is dedicated to maintaining its customer’s and staff members’ health and safety. The firm has published an explanation of their revised methods of operation during the COVID pandemic.

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