A Mother Learns Transformative Life Lessons From The Loss Of A Daughter In New Memoir

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A Mother Learns Transformative Life Lessons From The Loss Of A Daughter In New Memoir

April 19
21:46 2021
A Mother Learns Transformative Life Lessons From The Loss Of A Daughter In New Memoir

“Everyone deserves to stand out and let their personal light glow from within, adding bliss to the journey of life. Life is precious. You are precious. Never stop believing that you are worth loving who you are. Be a voice and not an echo.” ~ Karen Wright

Until the unexpected death of her 18-year-old daughter, Karen Wright did not know how lost she felt in every aspect of her life. Her #1 international bestselling memoir, Now or Never: Shine, Baby, Shine! is the story of how this grieving mother took the lessons learned from the tragic event to find self-love, personal freedom, and her unique purpose in life.

This inspirational book will speak to people who may be experiencing difficult shifts in their world: kids leaving the nest, jobs changing, divorce, or the death of a loved one. “We have multiple losses throughout our lives,” says Karen Wright. “Life is a rollercoaster of up and down, up and down. Whatever the loss is, we must live in the moment and embrace what we have. When we have this attitude, we will still have those valleys and darkest hours, but we quickly climb back up that mountain to see the light again.”

Karen Wright courageously shares intimate parts of her life from the day she found her daughter crumpled at the bottom of a deep ravine to her grief and divorce. She shows how this journey led to a stronger relationship with herself, life, and God. It is a story of disappointment, loss, betrayal, letting go, and finally — forgiveness. Now or Never: Shine, Baby, Shine! offers a roadmap that can help readers searching for release from grief discover new aspects of themselves and their life purpose. 

Karen Wright is a #1 international best-selling author, speaker, radio host, and energy healer. She is a mother of four and a grandmother of one. Drawing from her own self-development, fine-tuned meditation skills, and deep faith, she helps people in their journeys toward embracing their own shining, authentic souls. Karen offers these three tips for people who want to “shine, baby, shine!”

1. Many people today have accepted an identity without questioning it. If they want to meet their authentic selves, they must first recognize the labels that have been placed on them by others, their environment, and themselves. Any labels that do not serve their authentic self can be acknowledged and released. Only then do people have the freedom to create who they truly are.

2. Karen creates a vision board for each new year to capture her new visions, new dreams, and new things she wants to happen for herself in the coming year. Keeping a vision board near reminds people to stay on track and motivates them to manifest the things they want in their life. She also applies daily affirmations into her meditation practice.

3. Personal development and empowerment are not solo activities. It is empowering to ask others for help. Karen calls these people “earth angels” — anyone who has wisdom, experience, or lessons that can be shared to help a person move one step closer to their vision.

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