All-In-One Business Management Solution from Jobmate

April 07 14:12 2021

Running a small business requires lots of time and effort. Becoming a business owner is not a simple 9 to 5 job; instead, it demands extreme dedication and commitment. With jobmate, you will be able to convert time-consuming, business-related administration to simple, efficient and effective digital processes.

While running a business, one of the biggest challenges faced, is to make an impression and stand out from competitors. Entrepreneurs also have to find a way to deal with the daily supplier, colleague, and customer communications. Job management software is designed to help the self-employed and small business owners maintain a professional image while completing all tasks on time, staying ahead of competitors.

There are also several costly mistakes new business owners may make when starting out and looking to grow their business. They often end up underestimating labour costs, forgetting hidden expenses, or not tracking fluctuating prices from suppliers. All these small mistakes can leave a huge impact on businesses and the profits they make. Experts advise using adequate methods for maintaining inventory records, pricing structures, and up-to-date supplier details; all of which is possible with jobmate software.

With trade job management software, new business owners can find better ways to navigate a successful journey in their competitive markets. It is a way to streamline and manage all organisation, communication, and administration activities, on-the-go or in the office. Moreover, entrepreneurs can work more efficiently and use their time more effectively to secure greater returns.

There are an extensive range of features that can be accessed via the jobmate software. The general features include creating quotes for easy follow-up with customers, customizing digital paperwork, scheduling jobs and mapping locations, and setting up labour rates; all of which can be accessed via an iOS, Android, or web application. In short, jobmate makes it easier to handle multiple tasks while managing routine tasks with ease.

The operational features that can be accessed via the jobmate trade job management software include controlling inventory and purchase history, diary planning, work timers, customer management across multiple sites, and invoicing. At the same time, the jobmate app will also assist in creating checklists and managing subcontractors.

jobmate software will also offer extensive support to growing businesses in terms of managing employee sickness and certifications, keeping track of purchase payment methods, making data entry easy with predictive text and voice-to-text, enabling digital communications, and recording expenses. The members-only jobmate club makes it easier to network and find work opportunities.

In simple terms, jobmate can help the self-employed and small business owners capture their costs and activities. It is a way to work smarter, not harder.

When small business owners have better control over their activities and operations, it becomes easier to allocate spare time to developing a strategy for growth. With jobmate there is no need to worry about complicated, time-consuming manual processes. The administration, organisation, and communication workloads are all managed digitally from a single solution. Business owners can simply focus on growth. The jobmate platform can help business owners feel more organized, feel in control of business-related activities, and feel more freedom throughout the process. No matter what kind of business you are running, jobmate is the complete solution to run it effectively and efficiently. Users can download the app right now from Google Play, Apple Store, and Web App.

About Jobmate

jobmate is the all-in-one business management software solution for the self-employed and small business owner. The company is run by an experienced and enthusiastic team that is dedicated to helping small businesses. jobmate currently has more than 500 private investors, raising a total of £1 million in just 18 months. jobmate investors also believe in supporting small businesses.

jobmate are currently offering a no commitment, no cost, 100% risk-free, 30 day free trial to new users who can also stay in touch by subscribing to the jobmate mailing list. Customers can also follow the platform on several social media channels, including Facebook, Linkedln, Twitter, and Instagram, to receive instant updates about ongoing projects and offers.

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