Water Line Replacement Services are Available in Northgate, WA

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Water Line Replacement Services are Available in Northgate, WA

August 18
09:25 2020
Water Line Replacement Services are Available in Northgate, WA

All modern homes depend on a reliable source of freshwater for cooking, cleaning, and bathing. When that water supply is threatened, it’s time for homeowners to contact a plumbing professional. While some water line repairs are simple, others end up being quite complicated. If you’ve got questions about your home’s water supply, take the time now to contact a plumbing professional for advice.

Don’t Ignore Signs of Water Supply Line Problems

Most owners will notice signs there are problems with the home’s water supply. One obvious (and common) sign of a problem is low water pressure. Yellow or rusty water is another indication of a problem. In some cases, wet areas in the yard will signal the need for professional intervention. If a home’s water pressure is insufficient for comfortable showers and the flow from faucets is slow, it’s time to contact Apollo Plumbing for advice. 

Diagnosing the Problem’s Root Cause is Vitally Important

The plumbing experts take the time needed to determine exactly where the problem is. In some cases, a problem will be easily accessible, like a corroded shutoff valve that’s limiting the flow. However, there are also times when the water line bringing water from the street or well will be corroded or damaged. That’s another issue entirely, and it’s always important to know exactly where the problem lies before starting work. Modern plumbing companies use specialized tools to locate leaks anywhere on a property. If you’ve got questions about water line replacement services, go to now

To Dig or Not to Dig?

In the past, if a water line running through the yard was damaged, the plumbing experts needed to dig up the yard to find the leak and make necessary repairs. That process was costly and time-consuming. Landscaping could be destroyed and sidewalks or driveways damaged. Today, the plumbing professionals at recommend evaluating the situation to see if trenchless water line replacement is feasible so those issues are avoided. While there are several types of trenchless repairs, some work better than others. Whenever possible, trenchless repairs will be recommended.

Other Water Line Issues

Remember that all water lines will fail at some point. While some types of home water lines last for years, others tend to develop problems due to installation issues or chemicals in the water. Home water lines can be copper, PVC, CPVC, galvanized pipe, or PEX. Each type of pipe has its own unique set of characteristics, which means they don’t all share the same pros and cons. Owners of older homes are routinely encouraged to have their homes’ plumbing systems evaluated by the experts at periodically to determine whether any issues exist or may be developing. 

For example, homes that still have old galvanized water supply lines should have those lines looked at now. Those pipes rust from the inside out. As they corrode, the rust blocks the water flow and the pipes become weak. Plastic water lines tend to become brittle as they age, which means they are susceptible to breaking. Even newer PEX lines tend to develop leaks at joints. 

Reviewing Your Options

Apollo Plumbing and Rooter has been providing service to Northgate, WA area homeowners since 2005. The Barger family is dedicated to providing the highest level of service possible to all their clients. Contact the Apollo team now for immediate help.

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