eComputerTips.Com Has Seen 5x Rise in Ads Earning with Ezoic

August 12 22:55 2020

July 24, 2020 – With most people staying and working from home for Covid-19, online platforms have seen a decrease in traditional ad earnings. The eComputerTips.Com reports a 5x rise in ad earnings with the publishing assistance service, Ezoic.

As a certified publishing partner of Google, Ezoic is among the leaders in ad revenue optimization, analytics, mobile sites and digital content review. Ezoic’s team helps clients improve their user experience and site elements to maximize revenue from Google’s AdSense service.

While the average earnings from AdSense are approximately $3 RPM, Ezoic brings about a vast improvement, taking it to $17 EPMV for eComputerTips. The service helps websites tweak ads, layouts and do split-testing to see which combination works the best. Over 10,000 clients use Ezoic’s cutting-edge methods to test their ad networks with rules, control experiments and other techniques.

A major advance in ad optimization has come with the advent of AI. Ezoic has deployed AI to help clients improve revenue and maximize ad earnings automatically with adjustments to many website factors, such as layout and content. Thus websites using Ezoic are more flexible to the kind of visitors they receive and their ad preferences. 

Publishing assistants such as Ezoic have taken the art of ad optimization to a new level with new techniques and methods. The outcomes are visible during this pandemic, where ad revenues have risen sharply thanks to flexible ad configurations.

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