LA Therapy unveils latest Marriage Counseling Discount Upon Pandemic

August 12 22:44 2020
LA Therapy unveils latest Marriage Counseling Discount Upon Pandemic

La Therapy has a long history of giving great therapy services. Especially in the Los Feliz area.
This press release talks about how LA Therapy is one of the top-rated therapists in Los Feliz.

LA Therapy & Associates, one of the most trusted therapy centers in the greater Los Angeles area, is offering a (50%) discount on couples therapy sessions. This is coming on the verge of the COVID-19 pandemic as data suggests a higher rate in marital issues because of the extended time together in quarantine. Mixed with stress and anxiety over the virus itself, constantly having to spend time with a spouse or loved one could lead to a serious strain on the relationship. Therefore LA Therapy is announcing this limited-time offer so that one of the best therapists in Los Feliz is accessible to couples at a more modest price.

“It is very difficult for people to seek out the therapeutic process they need during this pandemic season because we can’t provide face to face meetings,” said a spokesperson for LA Therapy. “Through this promo, we want to let people know we are here for them and are capable of providing that same intimate healing via phone”.

Pain, sacrifice, and dependability are almost a given in any aspect of modern marriages. These emotional aspects are now accentuated due to the lockdowns and since those who need counseling are unable to visit therapists in person. That’s why mobile or digital resources are now being offered to help bring that social connection without being physically in the same room. LA therapy is hoping to bring that same intimate guidance in phone calls with one of the best therapists in Los Feliz.

The healing process is usually constructed in a myriad of different ways, and Marriage Therapist Ronald Frauchiger is emphasizing the importance of receiving those components as soon as possible through teletherapy. “We hold all patient cases to the highest standard and cover a very wide range of diagnostic problems,” said Frauchiger. “Many are going through personal struggles, struggles with loved ones. We must identify those problems and begin to promptly work on rebuilding their emotional and mental health”.

Frauchiger is a strong believer in the Unity of life and believes that different functions help unite organisms when these functions are negatively affected in any capacity, it will lead to an unhealthy lifestyle and thus lead to the deterioration of mental health and families. Through the position and platform that he has, Frauchiger’s psychotherapeutic methods are sure to be just as effective remotely as they are in person. And through this promotion, LA Therapy is now able to reach a farther client base as this virtual service allows those who live far away and are not consistently able to see the best therapist in Los Feliz.

“Marriage is supposed to be for better or for worse, and we recognize many couples are now experiencing the worse side of it because of the circumstances,” said the spokesperson. “We just want to serve as that additional resource to help keep that unconditional love in marriages intact”.

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