InnerSight Psychotherapy Offers Professional Assistance for Agoraphobia Sufferers in the Vaughan Area

August 12 21:30 2020

InnerSight Psychotherapy has quickly become a safe haven for individuals who suffer from agoraphobia. The team of experienced counselors offers in-person and virtual meetings for clients. Those interested in services can also call InnerSight Psychotherapy for additional information and to create a counseling schedule that is in accordance with social distancing regulations due to the pandemic. While people are encouraged to stay in their homes to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, there are still individuals who have to leave their homes for work or to run errands (while wearing a mask/gloves for extra safety). However, some people are not able to leave their homes without dealing with the mental effects of agoraphobia.

Agoraphobia is described as panic attacks that occur in public places or crowds. When people are away from their homes where they feel safe and feel extremely uneasy even if they are not in danger, this could likely be a symptom of agoraphobia. Instead of people feeling trapped at home, some people feel they are trapped when they are not in their homes or able to get to a space that feels familiar and comfortable. When people with agoraphobia are in their houses or a place where they don’t feel threatened, they are able to function normally. For instance, some individuals may feel at ease in their neighborhood or on their street even if they’re not in the house. Some people even retreat to particular room in their homes to make sure they are “secure.”  However, when they have to venture outside of this area for any reason, they may start to panic.

InnerSight Psychotherapy understands that the symptoms of agoraphobia varies from person to person. General signs of this condition include: being afraid to be alone, particularly in unfamiliar environments, feeling panicked when in a public place or crowd, being afraid of places without a clear exit or escape route. This means some people with agoraphobia may become anxious in tunnels, subway trains, and elevators. Some individuals suffer so intensely from the condition that they are unable to leave their homes for any reason, even to perform daily living activities like going to the bank or getting food from the grocery store.

Individuals with agoraphobia may also experience anxiety or depression because they are dependent on others too much. For instance, people may depend on friends and family members to buy groceries for them, pick up their mail, and run other errands for them because they’re afraid to leave their homes. In extreme cases, agoraphobia sufferers may fear that they are going to die if they leave their safe space.

Physical symptoms are evaluated by agoraphobia therapists in Vaughn as well. These symptoms include pain in the stomach, sweating, heart palpitations, trouble breathing and chest pain. InnerSight Psychotherapy understands that it’s important for people with agoraphobia to get the help they need as soon as possible and as consistently as necessary to manage symptoms and overcome obstacles. Treating this condition can help people live normal lives and restore their personal and professional lives.

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