Spirit of the Sky Walkers by Philip Moynihan

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Spirit of the Sky Walkers by Philip Moynihan

August 12
20:09 2020
Spirit of the Sky Walkers by Philip Moynihan

Spirit of the Sky Walkers by Philip Moynihan is an impressive piece from a man who has spent more than three decades above the clouds, looking down with joy on the world below. To learn more about the man behind the words, we took the time to sit down with him, ask him his story, and understand how it turned into a book we just couldn’t persuade ourselves to put down.

“Thanks for taking the time to speak with me, it truly is a joy when someone shows interest in something you’ve poured your heart and soul into. So, my story begins when I first took to the sky and was fascinated with the world I saw below me, the journey I was on, and the machines that made it possible. As a boy, I’d fallen in love with aviation, but it wasn’t until I began working in the industry that it became my passion. I was mesmerized by the tales of the men and women who risked it all in the golden age of exploration to go higher, further, and faster than anyone had before.”

When you put it like that, it’s hard not to hang on his every word. But what does he want this book to offer the world?

“I want it to show the next generation the joy that unbridled discovery and adventure can bring them. Today, powered flight is often taken for granted as something you do while you’re trying to get to a conference or head off on holiday, but the stories behind it really do deserve to be told. I want to give people back the sense of wonder that’s there to be enjoyed when they leave the ground, cruise through the clouds, and begin walking in the sky. It’s only in recent human history that this became possible, and I want this book to show anyone who takes the time to read it and reflect on it that the progress we all enjoy was down to a small group of courageous individuals. They each have their own incredible story to tell, and I hope my book is able to give them each a voice in some small way.”

A humble man with passion in abundance; so what does he want the future to hold?

“If this book can open the eyes of just a few people to the wonders that make aviation possible by introducing them to the incredible characters who made it happen, it’ll have all been worth it. But more than that, I want it to do justice to the heroism, adventure, and ingenuity of the first generation of sky walkers that we’re all trying to follow.”

It’s a great way to look at something that all too many of us now take for granted, and certainly a book we enjoyed reading.

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