“When I Was A Boy”: Memoirs of an Aging Preacher by Dr. George Pass Sr

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“When I Was A Boy”: Memoirs of an Aging Preacher by Dr. George Pass Sr

August 12
20:03 2020
"When I Was A Boy": Memoirs of an Aging Preacher by Dr. George Pass Sr

When I Was A Boy: Memoirs of an Aging Preacher by Dr. George Pass Sr is a spellbinding tale that brings to life the thoughts, feelings, and memories of a truly gifted storyteller in a unique way. The result is a book that’s impossible to put down, so we decided to find out how it all came about by sitting down with the man behind the words. The following is what he had to say after we spent the afternoon with him.

“I’m always delighted when someone shows an interest in a humble preacher such as myself, it really does shine a light on my day and convince me that putting pen to paper was worth it; so thank you! What I wanted to express with my work is the feeling I have of being at one with myself, open to new experiences, and the joy of always having God by my side. It’s been quite the journey through life that I’ve been blessed with, and it wouldn’t have been the same without faith providing me with the grounding and foundation I needed along the way.”

It’s an interesting way to think about one’s journey through life, so we dived a little deeper about what the book means to him and what he wants it to mean to the reader…

“Firstly, I told my story to give myself a chance to pause, sit, and reflect on the journey I have been through. It was something I have always wanted to take the time to do, and I realized that committing to writing it all down would be a great motivation. Secondly, I want this book to show people that great things do happen to normal, humble people if you stay true to who you are and keep working hard. You don’t have to be rich, famous, or an overnight sensation to live a truly happy life — sometimes all it takes is to enjoy the experiences and the people life sends your way. This is what I’ve tried to do with my every waking moment.”

They’re certainly inspirational words from a man with many tales to tell, so what does he hope the future will hold?

“I’m old now, but I never stop believing that the next day will bring an experience that will brighten my life in some small way. If I could give this feeling and outlook to everyone who read it then I would consider that as my gift to the world. Even if it causes just one person to sit and reflect on how they’re living their life, and then some changes in the way they approach things, my writing will have been time well spent.”

We’re inspired by the man in front of us, and we want you to have the privilege of hearing his story too.

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