EUM Token has obtained legal status in Malta

October 15 03:45 2019

The seven southern European countries, also known as the Mediterranean Group and the seven Mediterranean countries, refer to the seven alliances of France, Malta, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus and Greece in Southern Europe.

Subsequently, in order to speed up the landing and application of blockchain technology in seven countries in Southern Europe, the seven countries alliance established a blockchain committee on the Malta Stock Exchange to develop a blockchain development strategy, and on October 12, 2019, a meeting of global market leaders was held, and senior leaders of the Block Chain Committee and global market leaders met in Valletta, Malta, to discuss the implementation of the EUM global development plan.

At the same time, the chairman of the committee pointed out that EUM token will become the most common digital asset in the next 3-5 years. The market development consultant explained to the market leaders that the price of EUM cash rose 0.001 per 210,000 cash sold, and the monthly increase is expected to be around 30%-180%. The reason for not going to the stock exchange in the early stage is to ensure the stable income of the investment members in the previous period.

When the currency price rises to 1 USDT, When the price of the currency rises to 1USDT, it will be freely traded on many well-known exchanges such as Binance, Gateio, Huobi, MXC, etc. S rises 10 times, B rises 100 times, and it will exceed 1000 times in three years! Legal adviser Dr. Steven said his team has been working on the legal work of the blockchain digital currency. He also drafted new laws and regulations needed to develop digital currency in the blockchain of the Malta Financial Centre, including amendments to the blockchain-related laws. Therefore, EUM has obtained legal status in Malta and will continue to obtain legal procedures in other countries, laying a solid foundation for the globalization of EUM.

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