Meet the latest app that’s trending with kids… It’s Frog!

October 15 03:33 2019
Meet the latest app that’s trending with kids… It’s Frog!
Frog is the new safe and fun space for kids to connect with international friends and
share cultures and interests!

London, UK – It’s the latest app that that’s got kids all over the world talking! Just five days after launching the latest version of Frog, the app was ranked in the Top 100 of the Education Category and users have been rapidly growing in the US and other English-speaking countries ever since. Now Frog is expected to reach 300 000 users before the end of the year.

What is Frog?

Frog is a new social media app, designed for children aged 6 to 15 that aims to create a fun, safe and educational space where kids can meet like-minded friends from all over the world.

The app was developed by GrowAlong, a social initiative started by a group of international educators based in London who, after working with children in multiple countries, saw the benefits that exposure to new cultures and international friends could bring from an early age.

“Most kids can’t wait until they can open their own social media accounts, but for concerned parents, some of these platforms risk exposing their children to a world they’re not quite ready for. There is a need for safe online spaces where younger kids can enjoy interacting and making friends in an engaging and innocent way.” explains founder Eden Chan.

Eden Chan is passionate about children and understands their need to connect. She had her own experience of making friends in a new country when she moved from Asia to the UK as a child. Her unique grasp of youth culture and content led to her racking up 150k young followers on tiktok in one night.

What is it about Frog that drives kids wild?

Once parents or kids sign up to Frog, they are ready to be teleported into a new realm of super cool social experiences interacting with new friends through short video chats in a safe and well monitored environment. Every Frogger’s age is verified through a 15 second self-introduction video, ensuring an age appropriate community and all Frog videos uploaded are screened for inappropriate content before being uploaded.

“We encourage kids to share their day to day lives with one another. Have their friends show them their school! Teach each other how to make local dishes! Meet each other’s family or pets, share their hobbies, even learn a bit of their language.”

The app does this by prompting users to ask questions on topics like school life, games, culture and society to kickstart conversations with new pals. A newly added feature also allows users to share compliments and virtual gifts.

Kids and parents alike are loving Frog, and already many positive reviews are being shared on Google Play.

“My son wanted to make friends and I believe it is also the right time to teach him some social skills. Came across Frog on Facebook and it is the best app for me ever! It is safe and controllable,” said one happy father.

“I love this app. It’s super fun and entertaining. It was easy for me to log in and get used to all the options. I highly recommend Frog and will continue using it for a while,” said another happy user.

Right now, Frog is totally free to use and has no advertising. The developers are committed to continuously adding new features and responding to its user’s feedback to continue building this exciting space for kids.

For further information and PR enquiries, contact:

[email protected] | +44 (0) 20 3290 7666

Facebook: @Frog

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