Capital Interiors in London Expand to Serve Commercial Clients

October 13 19:21 2019
Capital Interiors in London Expand to Serve Commercial Clients

London, UK – Capital Interiors, a team of luxury interior designers in London, are expanding their services to cater to commercial clients. They initially focused on residential services and are translating this experience into a new sector of the industry.

The company was founded in 1976 with a mission to bring quality interior design services to the London area. Initially, they focused on providing residential clients with property development and construction services.  However, the popularity and reputation of their residential services led to increased inquiries about the possibility of the company branching out into commercial sectors. The company responded and is now seeking to replicate these results in this new niche. 

A major reason they are expanding their services is because of the sheer demand. According to, more businesses are looking for luxury design services. Offices are moving away from uniformity in favour of spaces that serve to embrace unique and bespoke designs. 

Throughout the years, Londoners have benefited from the services at Capital Interiors. Many clients turn to these professionals when seeking high-end modifications. The team’s unique approach gives individualised attention to each project. This allows clients to communicate exactly what they are looking for and obtain the results they desire.

In addition to its client-based approach, the team uses its vast collective experience and knowledge to ensure the success of every project. Members have worked on projects around the world ranging from palaces in the Middle East to Caribbean beach residences. They pride themselves on keeping on top of the latest trends, taking on a variety of jobs that give them a competitive edge.

Throughout their operation, the team’s experience has resulted in promising business partnerships. They work together with top craftsmen, use the most up-to-date architectural practices, and source all materials from the best suppliers. Because of these connections, they can provide their clients with some of the finest furnishings and materials from around the world.

As businesses continue to follow this latest trend of bespoke luxury design, many in the London area are turning to Capital Interiors. With its commercial services, the company continues to provide in-demand services to its clients.

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