Next-Generation Beauty Item Charbel ‘eyelash serum’ Spreads Around the World

October 02 20:15 2019
Next-Generation Beauty Item Charbel ‘eyelash serum’ Spreads Around the World

K-pop, K-beauty and even K-food, popularity of the Korean Culture shows no sign of slowing down. In particular, K-beauty has been leading the global beauty market with steady growth every year. With the appearance of professional products tailored to women’s needs around the world, the K-beauty market, which used to be focused on mask pack, is now changing.

Long and luxuriant eyelash is one of the women’s envy. The eyelashes protects the eyes from dirt and other foreign substances, at the same time it makes the eyes more defined and look beautiful. For those who desire for big and well-defined eyes, they would like to have long and fuller eyelashes. In particular, Asian women’s eyelashes are short and thin, and they often come down straight. Therefore, various products and cosmetic procedures are flowed in the market. However, frequent procedures and prolonged use of fake lashes can cause side effects by making eyelashes thin and weak.

‘Charbel’ known as the next-generation K-beauty brand, has launched the eyelash serum, which can effectively enhance the eyelashes. This eyelash serum has included with natural ingredients to reduce irritation to the eyes and a tip is added at the bottom of the brush for ease of use.

‘Charbel’ eyelash serum has been proven as a stability product through 26 safety tests. 2 patented ingredients of the product have excellent effects on nourishing and effective in preventing loss of moisture.

In addition, Propolis extract and botanical oil ingredients are included to make eyelashes healthy by moisturizing and prevent eyelashes from being pulled out. Also, Jojoba oil ingredients helps to care the eyelashes healthier. Polymer which made of soft, moist jelly structure, protects and maintains the nutrient facts for a long while.

Meanwhile, the person from the ‘Charbel’ said, “Above all, we are very happy to be recognized by Korean consumers. As many of the people loved our product, we will make an effort as a brand that satisfy consumers around the globe. We are also planning to expand the sales to the Asian, European and U.S market.”

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