Internationally acclaimed intuitive & author Kimmie Rose to release new book to help people connect with their intuition.

October 02 06:03 2019
Leading inspiration, medium, intuitive, and author Kimmie Rose will release her new book in November to teach people how to WAKE UP the natural gifts inside that will lead them to live the life they were meant to live by connecting with their intuition and implementing The Process of Waking Up – A seven step process that include presence, connecting with inner guidance, presence, setting intuition, raising awareness through frequency, the law of attraction and simplification.

Lambertville, Michigan – October 2, 2019 – Internationally renowned speaker, psychic medium, inspiration coach, minister, radio host, and author Kimmie Rose will release her new book while on tour beginning in her hometown Toledo, Ohio and Honolulu Hawaii in November to teach people the process of living their lives awake and to connect with their intuition. Titled “Wake Up Your Intuition – A Clairvoyant Reveals The Psychic Process”, the new book reveals the true “secret” to the law of attraction and living heaven on earth.

Wake Up Your Intuition will be released in the early week of  November, 2019 in Toledo, Ohio and Honolulu, Hawaii on her Living Heaven on Earth Awake with her gifted daughter Hannah Marie. Upcoming tour dates can be found in her website

Kimmie Rose’s upcoming book is claimed to be the “ultimate” Guidebook on awakening one’s intuition that we are all born with and a step-by-step process to readers to truly learn to connect to their highest potential and embrace their natural state of peace. She has also taught this to different people all over the world from scientists, parents, attorneys, musicians, artists, radio hosts, television hosts, bricklayers and medical students. Her workshops are respected by people of all walk’s life.  A few of them include Dr. Patch Adams, Sylvia Brown, Lynn Andrews, Henry Lee Bolduc, Dr. Keith King, Meg Blackburn and Religious leaders of all faiths because it provides scientific truth, spirituality, psychology and practical tips. 

The author had an NDE back in 2007 which completely transformed her life, her vision and another life changing experience in 2018 during a life-threatening surgery.  Both experiences gave her specific “divine guidance” and inspired Kimmie Rose, who was already doing intuitive medium, radio, tv and teaching work   professionally to continue her education and become an inspiration coach and minister.  This divine guidance acquainted her with a deeper understanding of our connection to spirit and each other. The NDE experience also gave her the message to “teach people we are one” and this teaching has been the main inspiration of her upcoming book.

“Our intuition is an extremely powerful guiding force for anything we want to, or we have to do in life. Whether we use it to be a medium, a teacher, an attorney or just in our everyday life it is something we were given when we were born and through programming many of us stopped using it.  When we can connect to our intuition, we reach a state of being ‘awake’. We get this divine realization that whatever we need to solve our woes and materialize our dreams is already within us. The divine ‘gift of intuition’ guides us and reconnects us to the spirit, light, source or the Almighty which makes everything possible for us. But, most of the people are not able to connect with their intuition on their own. And this is where ‘Wake Up Your Intuition’ will be your absolute Guidebook to awaken your inner senses so that you can turn your dreams into reality”, stated Kimmie Rose.

“We all have the ability to Wake Up our intuition because it is naturally part of who we are. We just need to remember what we have forgotten.

Wake Up Your Intuition’ extends step-by-step instructions on developing one’s intuition to:

• Learn the true essence of “waking up”

• Attract balance and harmony into relationships

• Discover his or her very purpose in life and gain a clear vision of future

• Connect with “Super Consciousness” (as termed by Edgar Cayce)

• Learn to get in touch with one’s intuition in no more than 5 minutes

• Effectively implement the powerful “Law of Attraction” in life 

Speaking further, the author said, when we wake up, we remember that we have never been separated from our natural intuitive ability and our ability to manifest our reality. Energy flows where we direct it. Jesus said, “we can do as he did and much more and tell that mountain to move and it will move”. 

“We have neurotrophin’s in our brain that are the messengers that open our intuitive channel which was open when we were children. The programming into our adult life basically puts them to sleep. But neurotrophin’s can be reactivated through the exercises I share. By using the process of waking up and the exercises to wake up parts of your mind that have fallen asleep, you will be able to make it big in life.”

Guided by the message to “Teach people we are one”, Kimmie has been on a journey across the globe to make people understand that we all are same; nobody is more or less from another.

“When we do realize that each one of us is blessed with unique gifts that are meant to work together, we are able to attain more balance within ourselves and with one another. Yes, it is absolutely possible to live heaven on earth when we can comprehend this divine message and integrate the process into our lives.“

About Kimmie Rose:

Fondly known as “Kimmie”, Kimmie Rose is a mother of five children, grandmother of two, renowned radio host, author, international speaker, inspiration coach, hypnotist, medium, and intuitive. She has opened for famous personalities including Sylvia Brown, Dr. Patch Adams, Gregg Braden, Allison DuBois. Voted the “Top Astrologer Intuitive” of Toledo, she also has her own YouTube channel. She has published stories in two Chicken Soup for The Soul books.  “Wake Up Your Intuition” is Kimmie’s second book of four books.

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