Kids are Finding More Enjoyment in Playing Golf

October 02 05:15 2019
Kids are Finding More Enjoyment in Playing Golf

Golf is a unique sport that is played across the globe. It is a sport that can be played for an entire lifetime but is difficult to master. The challenges that are faced on the golf course often mirror those that are faced in life. This is what makes golf such an amazing sport for kids to learn. When kids learn golf at a young age, they learn to face adversity, take challenges head-on, and they begin to understand the value of hard work. Golf can be a difficult sport to access for kids, but more opportunities are surfacing all the time. One of those opportunities is coming from GolfU. The franchise is opening more locations and each one offers kids a chance to come in and learn the skills needed to become a successful golfer.

Golf is Less Physically Demanding

When reading more about the franchise at, it is easy to see why their format is appealing to kids. Kids that are learning to play golf at a young age are loving the sport for a variety of reasons. So many sports today put intense physical demands on kids. While learning how to hit a golf ball is not an easy feat, it doesn’t place the same demands on the body that more physical sports do. Golf is an individual sport which allows kids the chance to be coached one on one. Getting this type of coaching really allows kids to develop at their own pace and receive coaching that is specific to their needs.

Golf Provides More Time Outside

Another great feature for kids that are playing golf is the amount of time they get to spend outside in the fresh air. Most golf courses are built in natural areas that provide kids time to enjoy the outdoors. Being on the golf course helps to get kids out of their normal city environment and puts them into a place that will provide cleaner air. Many studies have shown a positive correlation between kids being outside and improved cognitive functioning. When kids play golf, they are also becoming more productive people overall.

Golf Improves Confidence and Builds Connections

People that want to teach the game of golf to kids do so because they have found so much value in the game themselves. This is evident when exploring more about Golf U at One of the best thing’s kids can learn from the game is to build up their self-confidence. Anyone can learn to play the game of golf, but it is not easy to do. This is where the boost in self-confidence can come from. When the game is taught to kids, they can go from struggling to swing the club, to hitting the ball right down the fairway. The progress kids make in golf is so visible and rewarding, and that is what is so motivating. While golf is an individual sport, it is one that is meant to be played with other people. Golf is a very social sport and kids will have the opportunity to meet new people and build lasting friendships during their time on the course.

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