Professor Gary Goh Talks About His Teaching Philosophy as an Author, Educator & Entrepreneur in the Education and Training Industry

October 02 05:09 2019

Perth, Australia – Gary Goh, is an Australian author, educator, and entrepreneur who helps people and the community in lifeskills education and training.

In this special exclusive interview, he explains his teaching philosophy in the life-skills education and training.

Tom Anderson: Why do you choose to teach as an educator and became an entrepreneur in the education and training industry?

Gary Goh:

I choose this profession and education business to:

• Serve as mentor and coach
• Encourage lifelong learning
• Share my enthusiasm for learning
• Promote lifeskills education
• Show that creativity and fun are parts of learning.

These skills provide learners with opportunities to develop themselves to their fullest potential throughout their life.

Tom Anderson: What do you teach in your lifeskills education and training business?

Gary Goh:

I teach the following:

• Learner responsibility and accountability
• Critical, creative and bold thinking
• Emotional Intelligence
• Problem solving
• Communication
• Self-Reflection.

Tom Anderson: How do you teach in your lifeskills education and training business?

Gary Goh:

I applied the following in my teaching:

• Consider learning styles and aptitudes of learners
• Actively engage learners
• Problem based learning
• Experiential applied learning pedagogy.

Learners need to learn today, apply tomorrow in a practical and realistic manner, one that will make a real impact. They need to go head to head with real issues. For this reason, my learners engage in life-skills learning and engagement process which help them to develop a stronger awareness of self and others.

Tom Anderson: How would you educate the younger generation to handle life’s challenges?

Gary Goh:

The younger generation today lack resilience and social skills, struggle to handle disappointment and failure, connect with people face-to-face, a fear of failure and an inability to cope with it, and a rise in worry, anxiety and stress. In my lifeskills program, I coach them on how to improve their mindset such as focusing on improving resilience, optimism and confidence, empower them to make choices over how they think.

Tom Anderson: Tell us about the books you have written.

Gary Goh:

I have written and published books in lifeskills and motivational skills.

My books are about empowering and motivating people to be successful in life and make an impact to society.

My published books are sold worldwide. It is marketed in major reputable bookstores and online book vendors such as Amazon, Dymocks, Angus & Robertson, AbeBooks, Alibris, Booktopia, Bookdepository, Better world books, FNAC, Idefix, Internet Bookshop Italia, Thriftbooks, Barnes & Noble, Rakuten Kobo, etc.

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