Diets Are Dead: The Science-Backed System Building Fad-Free Food Relationships

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Diets Are Dead: The Science-Backed System Building Fad-Free Food Relationships

July 27
01:27 2022
Diets are like the financial equivalent of credit cards and get-rich-quick schemes. At best, they do nothing to fix your short-term problems. At worst, they do more harm than good. So what if we approach food and diet like we do our finances? That is, what if we take a long-term, evidence-backed approach and aim to build compounding benefits over time? That’s what Plantable did.

July 26, 2022 – Plantable Health, Inc. (NEO: PLBL | OTC QB: PLBLF) released the following feature article recently [ublished on 

We all know to run for the hills when presented with the latest and greatest mastermind webinar series promising to reveal the secrets to building an overnight fortune. All we have to do is remember the phrase “sounds too good to be true.” Yet, for some reason, many of us still get lured into fad diets, seduced by claims that [insert latest wonder-product] will melt fat away like butter. 

But why? Well, one possible explanation, according to WebMD, is that “fad diets tend to appeal more to people’s vanity than to their desire to stay healthy.” 

Viewed in this way, fad diets are the financial equivalent of buying a bunch of stuff on credit, renting an apartment we can barely afford, and then scraping by paycheck-to-paycheck while boasting about how successful we are. Sure, it creates the illusion that things are a-okay. But quietly, beneath the shiny veneer, our financial health is rotting away. 

So what if we want to avoid doing the same to what really matters — our physical health? 

Plantable: It’s Like a Financial Advisor… But for Your Body and Your Mind 

Much like fixing our financial health, working on our minds and bodies is something best approached with a long-term mindset. It’s about building sustainable, lifelong habits whose benefits compound over time. 

Of course, in the world of finances, the path is clearer. There’s plenty of sound advice out there if you seek it out. And when in doubt, there’s always the help of a financial advisor who’s just a phone call away. 

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about food and diet. Too often, the good advice is delivered as vague platitudes like “eat better, exercise more.” And the so-called expert advisors out there are usually the same gurus peddling fat blaster diets. 

This was a major problem that Dr. Nadja Pinnavaia recognized after she started obsessively researching the impact of diet on health back in 2014, prompted by first losing her father at a young age, and then her mother to breast cancer. The end result of all this was the launch of Plantable — a science-backed approach to diet and wellness. 

Describing the mission focus behind Plantable, Pinnavaia says, “We are trying to understand each person’s life constraints, how we can help them with routine, and stay a step ahead to make the right choices, one decision one at a time.” 

In other words, Plantable is a lot like a financial planner for your health. Instead of promising the sorts of cookie-cutter quick-fix solutions typical in the world of get-rich-quick schemes and fad diets, Plantable is all about taking your individual life circumstances into account and building a solid plan that’s designed to optimize your health for life. 

The Sustainable, Plantable Approach 

Making any new lifestyle adjustment is hard. To ensure this change is as smooth and sustainable as possible for every customer, Plantable starts with a 28-day Reboot Program that brings together the delivery of real, delicious, and nutritionally prepared meals, one-on-one coaching for personal support and motivation, and an education platform backed by behavioral psychology. Customers are delivered 6 lunches and 6 dinners once a week, with guidance for breakfast, side salads, and snacks. The real-life one-on-one coaching makes the program unique to everyone. 

The important thing to note here — despite what a 28-day Program might sound like at first — is that Plantable’s Reboot Program is not really a diet. Instead, it’s more of a system that sets out to reset your eating habits and metabolism by training your mind and body to change their relationship with food. 

To achieve this, the program’s focus is on more than just food. Rather, it leverages food & behavioral science to form a fully-immersive program that is just as much about eliminating cravings and understanding nutrition as it is about losing a few kilos. 

Behavioral Psychology Is Key 

A major reason the Reboot Program is so powerful is the behavioral psychology support it provides for each individual. The Reboot program works with the neuroscience of understanding people’s behaviors, and the true addictions we have to the overconsumption of added sugar, highly processed grains, and animal-based products. 

An important step in delivering this is to onboard each customer with a 30-minute call to form a relationship with their coach, and build support, trust, and accountability. Paired with education, they can understand the “why” for something like sugar substitutes not being the best pick for their morning coffee and help them learn what a good accessible alternative might be, keeping that all-important blood sugar steady. No more arbitrary vilifying of the way we see carbs and fats but helping people make the right decisions for their bodies, one choice at a time. 

Backed by Real Research, Not Marketing Hype 

Seeded in research, Plantable has taken the lead as a  healthcare company offering clinically-supported, lifestyle intervention programs. Their Foundational Results have formed the basis of clinical trials with leading medical institutions, including Memorial Sloan Kettering, and soon-to-commence Weill Cornell and Johns Hopkins. 

The clinical trials focus on two of the three most-commonly occurring cancers: breast cancer and prostate cancer.  The goal of each of the trials is to assess the impact of a whole food plant-based dietary intervention on independent cancer risks which includes weight loss, the microbiome, and metabolic markers such as a blood pressure, cholesterol, inflammation and blood sugar. You can expect to begin learning the results of their trials later this year. 

A Company Going From Strength to Strength 

People are hungry for change — not another trend. This was obvious to Plantable when the company sold over $1.4 million in programs through customer referrals and organic word-of-mouth alone, with close to zero outbound marketing. The program is making tidal waves with impressive success

This momentum helped the company to close financings for total proceeds of $6.0 million in 2021. Then, on January 12, 2022, Plantable Health Inc. (NEO: PLBL | OTC QB: PLBLF) offered its common shares publicly on the tier 1 Canadian exchange, NEO, and later in the United States. 

After receiving an influx of cash, the company was able to focus Q1 on getting the best team in place. They’ve brought on a seasoned and diverse group of individuals with extensive market experience, from executive chefs, a medical advisor, a nutrition advisor, and a dynamic team of kitchen staff. 

All up, this means exciting months are ahead. With the conclusion of the ongoing rigorous clinical trials, Dr. Pinnavaia is working towards Plantable being a clinically proven dietary lifestyle prescription. And not just for weight loss. Ultimately, the plan is to tackle a host of other chronic conditions like pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease, all of which are consuming our health. 

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