Casdale Trampoline Safety Centre Teaches Trampoline Safety to Kids

July 02 13:52 2020
Casdale Trampoline Safety Centre Teaches Trampoline Safety to Kids

Kaduna, NG – Casdale Trampoline Safety Centre is an establishment that focuses on helping kids to learn the safety aspect of the trampoline as a fun activity. Taking into consideration the extent of reported and unreported accidents involving trampolines, Casdale Trampoline Safety Centre aims to reduce the incidence as much as possible by offering all of the safety information kids and adults need to be aware of at all times.

Describing the push behind Casdale Trampoline Safety Centre, the spokesperson for the center, Kevin, said, “My research has shown that the way trampolines are most oftentimes used is what causes accidents and not the trampoline itself. So when some folks talk about the danger of trampolining, what they forget is that doing nothing can also be dangerous. If we learn and stick to safety measures of using any sports equipment we won’t have any problems. We believe everything is dangerous if you don’t know the safe way of going about it. Even eating can be dangerous. Families can keep fit while having fun together trampolining, wakeboarding, cycling, skiing, pogo-sticking with peace of mind.”

Focused on helping families to enjoy the use of trampolines for fun and as a sporting activity, the online platform boasts of a wide array of Trampoline Safety resources that have been put together to help families reduce the hazards associated with the activity.

Visitors of the online platform are welcome to browse the resources offered under the guides, safety equipment, insurance tips, and maintenance tips categories. Taking visitors through the world of trampolining, the guides section offers information on must-try trampoline workouts, teaching kids trampoline safety, how to buy cheap trampolines, buying quality trampoline accessories, and more.

Added to this, the safety equipment category explores the various methods by which safety can be infused in the activity. Visitors of the website will gain access to resources that help them to better understand a trampoline waiver and release form, how to use stories to train kids on trampoline safety, a guide to finding the right trampoline tent, among other information.

The platform not only offers information on safety and Trampoline workouts but also explores the world of insurance. Some of the resources offered on the platform include what to do after a trampoline injury, how to get the best of a trampoline insurance coverage, in-depth information on trampoline insurance coverage, and more.

Families who are interested in getting the best of their trampolines can also visit the maintenance tips section of the website for information on how best to maintain their trampolines for top safety.

Casdale Trampoline Safety Centre is located at 15 Wusasa Road, Wusasa, Kaduna 234069, NG. For inquiries, contact their team by sending an email to [email protected] For additional information regarding trampoline safety, visit their company’s website.

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