J Wealth Academy launches a groundbreaking set of E Learning courses on financial literacy for teens

November 26 05:41 2021
The courses teach money skills and financial literacy to teens and young adults in a fun and engaging way through video learning and is ideal for these uncertain times.

J Wealth Academy, a company that delivers financial education, announces a groundbreaking brand new E Learning set of online courses on essential money skills and financial literacy for young adults and teens around the world.

The courses will be available from the 25th Nov, just in time for the holiday season and starting 2022 off with a bang.

The J Wealth Academy (JWA) courses deliver crucial knowledge that is not taught at schools in a fun, engaging and entertaining way via videos, just like NETFLIX episodes. The courses are designed to give the new generation, knowledge that is needed to live a free and financially stable life. Whether the student wants to be an employee, consultant, small business owner or entrepreneur that changes the world this course is designed for all walks of life.

Link to Courses: https://www.jwealthacademy.com/courses

These normally dry and sometimes taboo topics are brought to life for the younger generation and will deliver benefits for years to come. The courses are priced to be affordable to everyone and provide 16 weeks of content rich learning and are best suited for 16 – 30 year olds.

They cover topics such as: How the money game works, budgeting, financial freedom, using debt, investing, compounding, taxes, assets vs liabilities, real estate, the secret wealth formula the rich use, setting goals, money beliefs, the money mindset and habits.

With so much noise online, get rich quick schemes and random information coming from everywhere, these courses stick to tried and true principles yet are up to date with the current financial environment, as well as teaching when it comes to true wealth building, it’s a marathon not a sprint. The pandemic has tipped the scales against the middle class and financial knowledge is the way to change that. These courses bring this knowledge in an affordable and easy to consume way to those who need it the most.

The husband and wife founders of JWA, Andre & Claire decided not to have children and wanted to deliver the knowledge they would have taught their own children to helping the next generation via their company.

Link to company website https://www.jwealthacademy.com/

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