Speedliner® Offers Customizable Spray In Additives

November 17 11:58 2020
Speedliner® Offers Customizable Spray In Additives

Houston, TX – Speedliner®, a Houston based, spray-in bed liner retailer manufactured by Industrial Polymers, provides customers with customizable spray in additives to meet the custom needs of clients.

“At Speedliner® we take a great deal of pride in creating products that fit all the needs of what our clients want,” said Labita Boddie, Owner. “Our spray in additives let clients get as custom as possible with options for a specific color, finish or surface.”

Every project has special requirements for the desired end result, whether it be a special color, finish, or surface. Speedliner® offers a complete line of pigments beginning with 22 standard colors for their products. Building upon that, they offer colorants, dyes, and tints to customize clients projects or specifications. They also offer Kevlar® brand fiber by DuPont™ for added strength, and protection from impact, other special additives for non-slip and safety surfaces and fire retardants for additional properties.

“With our additives you don’t only get a custom physical look, but you also get protection from impact and non-slip surfaces,” said Labita Boddie.

Aside from custom colors and dyes, Speedliner® spray-on bedliner products are rated for superior performance and have undergone the scrutiny of intense testing for resistance to heat and UV wear that will often fade inferior products. The benefits of choosing Speedliner® spray in bed liners are many.

There are more than 20 brands of spray liner systems, and most present themselves to be “high-quality basic producers” of their products. However, the vast majority of these companies simply buy the products they sell from chemical wholesalers, re-label the containers, and then resell the materials as their own. They rely on others to produce their products. However, at Speedliner that is not the case.

When clients select Speedliner® as their protective coating, they can be assured of receiving a top-quality product that will stand up well over time.

Speedliner® is here for all application and protective coating needs. Learn more by contacting Speedliner. They’re happy to help customers find the product clients need. 

About Speedliner®

Speedliner® was invented by Industrial Polymers in 1995 as a spray-on truck bed liner product for light duty pick-up trucks. Spray-on bed liners offer a custom appearance unlike drop-in plastic truck bed liners. Many new car dealerships and truck accessory retailers have found Speedliner® to be a unique and profitable addition to their existing business. They provide on-site training, customer referrals, technical and promotional support to more than 2,000 Speedliner® dealers worldwide.

Speedliner® is used in applications where a flexible rubber coated surface is needed to resist abrasion, impact and corrosion over metal, fiberglass or masonry surfaces. It offers easy mixing and simple spay-on application through a low-cost gravity feed hopper spray gun or may be applied by brush or paint roller. Speedliner® can be mixed with sand and or aluminum oxide grit additives to provide an aggressive non-skid surface. It can also be used with our Kevlar™ fiber additive to improve cut and tear resistance. Speedliner® is packaged in convenient one-gallon containers complete with 1-quart activator and 22 color options.

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