COSMO’s Kids Smartwatch Is An Ultra Affordable GPS Tracker and Phone

November 10 01:09 2020

When Apple announced it would be launching a kids smartwatch there was a lot of speculation about how they would construct a product especially for kids. At the unveiling event in September insiders were shocked to see that the $400 device was not a kids device at all, but a standard smartwatch with kid mode installed.

This swing and miss by the Apple team is being exploited by COSMO Technologies, another California company that is betting parents are ready to give their younger children communication technology but are looking for something made for kids. Enter the COSMO Kids Smartwatch, a 4G-enabled device with built in GPS tracking, phone and video chat, SOS mode and a host of other powerful communication and safety functions.

It matches the feature set of more premium devices on the market while substantially undercutting the retail price. Kids smartwatches have been gaining popularity in the U.S., but affordable options have typically been low quality, knock off electronics. Consumers were faced with the decision of getting a low quality device or forking over a healthy sum so their 7-year old can wear a fragile piece of adult technology.

“We know that kids experience technology differently than adults do,” said Russell York, founder and CEO of COSMO Technologies. “What we also know is that parents are interested in buying kids devices but so far no company has convincingly designed anything that fits this need: powerful safety features at an affordable price.” 

Getting a smartwatch for kids will set you back anywhere between $100 and $400. COSMO offers their device for less than $50 and occasionally discounts their device to free when purchased with a data plan. Consumer data suggests that the average child has a smartphone by age ten and every year the average age goes even lower. This trend is powered by parents’ desire to have the ability to communicate with their younger children. 

“Smartphones have crept into kids hands, into classrooms and into family life and we can’t yet imagine the long term damage,” said York. Growing volumes of research points to disturbing behavioral and cognitive side effects of smartphone use in kids. COSMO was founded in part to combat this trend by offering an alternative that makes sense for parents and kids.

At the top of parents’ feature wish list: gps tracking for kids. Phone calling comes in a close second followed by other features like reminders, photo sharing, geo-fencing, location alerts and more. With the release of the COSMO Kids Smartwatch consumers are presented with a truly affordable device that packs a punch.

COSMO Technologies was founded in 2019 and has developed proprietary safety hardware and software specifically for families. The COSMO Kids Smartwatch is a groundbreaking device for kids ages 5-12 and for families that want to gift more independence and connection to their younger kids. 

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