Lite N’ Fresh Offers Revolutionary Veggie Containers to Replace Cookie Jars for Healthy Snacking

November 07 05:36 2020
The product has patented air circulation technology that keeps vegetables fresh outside the fridge, making it a great gift for people who want to eat healthily

Maintaining a healthy mind, body, and spirit is crucial especially during these uncertain times. To help people become healthier through mindful snacking, health brand Lite N’ Fresh offers an innovative, sustainable solution for a healthier lifestyle. This solution is a vegetable container that keeps greens fresh for longer, allowing people to do healthy snacking in style.

Actress and producer Luo Yan is the woman behind the Lite N’ Fresh container. More than ten years ago, Yan’s mother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. This incident pushed her to take her health more seriously. Since then, she began exercising and hiking. She has also taken a serious interest in health-related issues as her job as a filmmaker requires long hours of sitting.

She would always sit while writing, attending meetings, or editing, to turn concepts into movies. Sometimes, her routine lets her skip meals, leaving her hungry. She also noticed that her crew had a bunch of unhealthy snacks to keep their brains moving while filling up their empty stomachs as fast as possible.

According to Yan, it seemed like no one was ever thinking about what kind of negative health issues that unhealthy snacking could bring – overweight, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. She knew there was a better way to refuel when the body needs food the most. She then thought of something that can replace the cookie jar or the candy dish. This thinking led her to create the Lite N’ Fresh container.

Yan believes that her product gives way to healthier snacking for kids and parents alike. According to Yan, leaving veggies accessible helps people to eat healthily. This product feature gives individuals a fun way to replace the cookie jar for families, and it’s visually attractive as well. It can also be given as a gift for Thanksgiving and the holidays.

The product is made of premium materials and keeps veggies not too hot or too cold. It also has a solar light, making it eco-friendly. Lite N’ Fresh features groundbreaking patented air circulation technology that keeps veggies crisp.

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Lite N’ Fresh is your sustainable solution for a healthy lifestyle. Through the use of innovative air circulation, Lite N’ Fresh gives your healthy snacks a longer shelf life without the fridge.

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