Meditation Instructor, Aventura FL Studio Marks Twelve Years Of Teaching Meditation Techniques

October 13 01:39 2020
Meditation Instructor, Aventura FL Studio Marks Twelve Years Of Teaching Meditation Techniques
The Spark Within offers classes in meditation and weight loss through meditation. Dalit Moskona,
meditation instructor, Miami, FL, has years of training and experience in meditation techniques.

The Spark Within is pleased to announce that the company has now been formally operating for a dozen years. The meditation instructor, Aventura FL, Dalit Moskona, teaches techniques in two classes: Medication and Mindful Living and Weight Management and Mindful Living. Teaching meditation is combined with her professional and personal life. The instructor has been learning and practicing techniques of meditation for more than thirty years.

The class content includes a number of techniques and concepts. Some of the concentrations involve breathing, body scan and relaxation meditations, and focus vs. observe meditations, which consists of understanding the difference between observing and focusing and how to create a distance between one and the other.  The classes also include Guided Meditations, Gratitude Meditations, Mindful Eating, Mindful Walking, Mindful Living, and Third Eye Meditation and Mantra Meditations. Students can also learn how to perform Chakra Cleanse and Balance Meditations.

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The Weight Loss and Meditation class involves activities beyond meditation. Students also plan, shop, cook, and organize. They get to eat, enjoy, laugh, meditate, and succeed at weight loss. With the Spark Within, the entire issue of weight loss is as painless as possible. The instructor works with students to explore the various options and create the best possible program that fits the student’s unique lifestyle and life.

The method is holistic, scientific, practical, and is crafted for the student. Time is spent discussing the life of the student to discover the flow and patterns. Individual triggers and pitfalls are identified in order to create a unique customized toolbox. With the help of the instructor, the hidden delights of sane and healthy eating are uncovered. The lessons do not involve pills, potions, diets, starvation, or deprivation.  The result is a healthier lifestyle and a new view of eating.

About the Company:

The Spark Within has been operating as a business for twelve years, but the instructor has been employing meditation in her own life for three decades.

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