Leading Bariatric Surgeon Confirms That Obesity Increases The Risk Of Covid-19

September 15 16:47 2020
Leading Bariatric Surgeon Confirms That Obesity Increases The Risk Of Covid-19
According to bariatric surgeon Dr. Ariel Ortiz of Obesity Control Center, the real pandemic is metabolic disease. Losing weight is an effective preventative measure against coronavirus.

Obesity Control Center has published an article which states that obesity is a greater risk to the United States population at present than the COVID-19 pandemic. The dangers of the coronavirus are well-known and have received extensive media coverage in the United States. Most people take basic precautions, including wearing masks and gloves and frequent hand washing. A much lower number of individuals pay attention to the need for weight loss. The article states that metabolic disease is the real danger that should be addressed by weight loss and other measures. While only 6% of deaths were caused by COVID-19, the rest had metabolic disease.

Studies show that three of the main COVID-19 risk factors are hypertension, weight gain, and Type 2 diabetes. Bariatric Surgery is an effective remedy that can turn around the risks of these life-threatening health conditions. Those individuals who struggle with obesity may be candidates for the surgical procedure and reduce one or more coronavirus risk factors. 

Studies from the cdc.gov have found that more than a third of the population in the United States are either pre-diabetic or have full-onset diabetes. Pre-diabetic individuals are more likely to develop diabetes unless lifestyle changes are made. For cardiovascular disease, almost the same number of Americans are victims. Cardiovascular disease is linked to the development of diabetes as well. These statistics demonstrate the importance of addressing severe Metabolic Syndrome causes. This syndrome is caused by insulin resistance and is one of the most dangerous epidemics in the country.

Further details on how metabolic surgery can cure diabetes are available on Obesity Control Center’s website.

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