Tech Busters UVC Light Tech and Purification Innovation Effectively Eradicates Harmful Viruses and Pathogens

September 12 18:50 2020
Tech Busters UVC Light Tech and Purification Innovation Effectively Eradicates Harmful Viruses and Pathogens
Best way to disinfect your Commercial and Residential areas. Service and Product options are available. Especially the Disinfection Doors do amazing job.

Traditional ways of cleaning and disinfecting brings a lot of health and environment responsibilities because of the harmful ingredients inside of disinfecting products. From another point of view, just like the antibiotics, flu shots, insect killers; these traditional chemical cleaning products also need to be improved and become more toxic periodically. Because the idea of using the same amount of active ingredients every year will not prevent the insects, rather, it will create super bugs. There are also applying processes like rubbing, brushing and even washing out etc. which we cannot apply to every single surface easily. Besides, they usually cannot kill the pathogens in the air. Nowadays washing hands properly & frequently for self-hygiene and wearing masks while keeping social distance are getting more and more important to prevent illness and disease caused by pathogens. Not only taking good care of self-hygiene, but also the place we live/work/visit needs to be disinfected as well. Therefore, instead of using traditional, toxic and not so durable methods, there is a more professional, safe, and long-lasting method is needed by using advanced technology. The best way is actually the most traditional way — sun light. Technically, it is UV Light Disinfection. And if we also add a little bit of technology in there to keep it disinfected for long term, we will end up with Nano TechBusters Coating with Electrostatic Sprayers.

TechBusters is a company that specializes in disinfection technology and serves both residential & commercial spaces (Hospitals, Clinics, Schools, Hotels, Casinos, Restaurants, Banks, Stores, Offices etc.) The disinfection and protection processes are basically 2 professional steps. Firstly, UVC Light, to kill all the existing pathogens up to 99.99%. Secondly, Nano TechBusters Surface Coating Technology, to block the bacteria/germs/molds/viruses, to keep the surfaces disinfected for up to 90 days. This is a nonhazardous, nontoxic, safe method for both humans and pets. Although, this disinfection technique is highly effective and fast, the service is remarkably low-cost. TechBusters also sells special disinfection products such as Disinfection Doors/Channels, Industrial UV-C Lights, Electrostatic Sprayers, Nano TechBusters Solutions, PPE etc. for residential and/or commercial use. Nowadays, lots of people are interested in Disinfection Doors.

Mustafa Kavruklar, the Founder and the CEO’s motto is, “We need to eliminate the viruses before they eliminate us.” TechBusters is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada and serves locally, domestically and internationally with its own professional, trained and experienced team. It is an experience and knowledge-based company that has been doing a lot of research to create a disease-free and disinfected environment for people. TechBusters’s mission is to create a livable, safe, healthy environment by eliminating all the pathogens in home and public areas where people live, work or visit. The company has a social responsibility project that goes and disinfects the chosen hospitals to be able to help the health workers who are doing extraordinary job during the pandemic.

TechBusters professional services and high-quality products provide great opportunity to make our environment safe and keep it disinfected.

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