Pubsphere Launches EGID, an Innovative Solution that Brings Secure Return in the Retail Industry

September 12 18:32 2020
Pubsphere Launches EGID, an Innovative Solution that Brings Secure Return in the Retail Industry
Pubsphere offers clients and customers a high-tech solution for their safety during the pandemic

The pandemic has brought numerous challenges to businesses worldwide, including the retail and events industries. With COVID-19 posing risks to clients and customers, businesses need to provide additional safety and security measures to ensure the welfare of customers and impose proper physical distancing range while they’re in stores, at their workplace, or in event locations. To help businesses worldwide strengthen their safety and security protocols against COVID-19, trade show booth specialist Pubsphere Inc. recently launched EGID, an innovative, high-tech solution that allows a secure return in the retailing and trade show industry.

“Pubsphere Inc.’s EGID instantly reassures clients and customers regarding their proper physical distancing,” said Stephane Bernier, President of Pubsphere Inc.

EGID brings an extra layer of protection against COVID-19. It’s a unique and small distancing badge that has a built-in light detection and ranging (LiDAR) technology that serves as one’s ally to discretely and politely inform people nearby to respect and maintain their physical distances.

When someone enters an EGID-bearer’s pre-programmed “protected zone,” the device will detect and warn a contact’s closeness by emitting a light signal. With its infrared (IR) detector and human detection algorithm, EGID has the sure advantage of functioning on its own, without the use of another device or pairing. Furthermore, EGID requires no monthly payments, no network connection, nor involves any traceability. The device runs on a rechargeable battery that can last up to two weeks.

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About Pubsphere Inc.

Pubsphere Inc. is a Canadian company that specializes in the design and fabrication of exhibit booths for international trade shows. Its latest product, the EGID, is an innovative, high-tech solution that uses light detection and ranging or LiDAR technology to discretely and politely inform people to maintain physical distances as recommended by health experts worldwide.

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