Exportimes Announces Energy Efficient & Convenient Ice Cream Carts for Selling & Delivery of Ice Creams

September 02 17:57 2019
The Company has solar ice cream tricycle and rechargeable ice cream carts that are energy-efficient and convenient to carry ice creams from one place to another.

Ice cream is perishable, and it always needs to be kept in a refrigerator. Ice cream carts also come with refrigerating units for keeping ice creams while delivering them from one place to another. These movable ice carts often consume a lot of energy to keep ice creams in a frozen condition and protecting them from melting away. Considering this fact in concern, Exportimes (Dalian) E-Commerce Co., Ltd. now designs energy efficient Ice Cream Carts. Some of these carts come fitted with rechargeable batteries and some can run on the solar energy.

According to the company spokesperson, they can design a mobile Ice Cream Cart to meet the retail sale and delivery initiatives of the ice cream manufacturers. They have different types of mobile carts for carrying ice creams. The mobile push carts are a simple and affordable option of selling ice creams on streets, outside the park, in the market and other public places. These ice cream carts are available in a wide range of designs and in various capacities. Fitted with a freezing unit, these push carts can keep ice creams in the frozen condition for several hours, to protect them from melting, and also retain the taste and flavor. The carts are also designed to display ice creams in a presentable manner, and one can easily check the different types of ice creams with different flavors available for sale.

Exportimes Announces Energy Efficient & Convenient Ice Cream Carts for Selling & Delivery of Ice Creams

While exploring their energy-saving ice cream carts, one would love the efficiency, looks and performance of the solar ice cream tricycle they have in their portfolio. This is a multi-functional and environment-friendly ice cream carrying cart that also saves on the cost. With steel frames, aluminum cranks and the spray painting, the tricycle is durable and also outstanding in the appearance. It comes with a leather handlebar for holding the handle comfortably while riding on it. The spokesperson reveals that the tricycle can be adjusted to move on 7 different speeds. A solid wooden box can store ice creams or other food items. With its 36V Li battery, the tricycle can maintain its chilling capacity for several hours.

The company’s rechargeable ice cream cart is designed to sell ice creams in public spaces, without worrying about the energy costs. The 36V battery of the mobile cart can be recharged and it saves the energy cost. The freezer of the cart comes with a sufficient capacity to store ice creams. The fridge may come with a cover or a glass cover, as per the demand of the client. The glass cover can help in displaying the ice creams stored in the fridge, and it attracts buyers. The export standard freezer comes with a locking facility, so that the cart can be parked in a public place unattended. The ice cream bike also comes with drawers to keep various small items, and also a sink for washing hands.

One can check the features of the ice cream carts the company has in its portfolio by visiting the website https://www.exportimes.com

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