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August 20 13:06 2020
Don was a veteran corporate executive who had always held a supervisory position throughout his career. When it came to addressing performance issues among his direct subordinates, he almost always used coaching.

It’s an industry practice that he was very familiar with and has used to great advantage in improving poor performance and behavior. He was also a proponent of training, upskilling and continuous education as a way to nurture employee talent and skills.

But when it came to using coaching as a tool for leadership development, he had his doubts. He had always viewed coaching as a way to correct performance defects and, as such, he simply did not identify himself as one who would need coaching. He can’t be blamed for his assumptions because, on one hand, his experience with coaching had always been in the context of remediation and, on the other hand, he was performing well enough as a leader based on his company’s performance measures.

In any case, the top brass at his company required executive coaching to middle management so he kept his doubts to himself. His preconception about the applicability of coaching to his position was further reinforced when he learned that his coach did not come from a field similar in nature and stature to his. Moreover, the coach came from a third-party agency he wasn’t too familiar with. The agency was

He went along with it and even had the maturity to keep an open mind about it. As it turned out, executive coaching was a real opener for him. The lessons he learned from his coaching sessions became pivotal to his fast promotion to higher management. When the time came for Don to leave his old company and start his own business, one of the first things he did was seek out the services of He realized how much he and his business would benefit from the type of coaching he received from the company.

What makes the the go-to provider of leadership development and executive coaching? Here are some key leadership traits that Don developed under’s executive coaching services.

Tuning in for a better picture

As Don found out in his initial coaching sessions from, he was too much in the thick of his work to make an objective assessment of his own performance. But the need to properly explain to the coach his roles, responsibilities, and plans for action forced Don to actually understand and appreciate his position more.

Adding to the refreshed perspective were the coach’s insightful contributions that one can only get from an outsider looking in. The coach knew more about management principles than he led on and his approach helped Don increase his focus and better clarified his role and, ultimately, his effectiveness as a leader.

A partner in accountability

As a leader, Don had always regarded himself as a self-starter. He knew his responsibilities and he got things done. But if Don were honest to himself, he would admit that being in the lower levels of the corporate management hierarchy offered some perks he often took advantage of. One of which was that managers were less managed; self-management tends to lead to leniency.

When you’re at the top, you are only obliged to answer to yourself. Don realized that it helped him greatly to accomplish his own goals in a timely manner, with the help of his coach from This shared accountability setup worked very well for him, especially when he started running his own company.

The picture of success

The higher you go up the corporate ladder, the more alone you feel in your job. This is what Don felt, as do many people in his position. In this scenario, doubts and loss of confidence can easily bog down people and prevent them from achieving success, particularly when faced with roadblocks and failures. Everybody needs encouragement on a professional and personal level, and executive coaching – such as that from – helps executives and entrepreneurs see the bigger picture so they do not lose sight of their goals.

Sounding board

Don appreciated having someone to bounce off ideas to and offered an objective and competent analysis to these. It helped prevent Don from shooting down his own good ideas and enlightened him into not implementing bad ideas. Having someone to consult with made for better and more efficient decision making. Don grew more confident about himself as he continuously worked on his leadership skills.

In summary

Like Don, many leaders, entrepreneurs, and small business owners have discovered the benefits of executive coaching and how such mentoring can be pivotal to achieving success. The best and most profitable investment that business leaders can make is in themselves, and offering to become a partner in achieving success is

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