Online Aftercare Programs for Addiction are Proving Very Effective

August 17 16:46 2020

Addiction is sweeping the nation of Canada.  According to the latest reports, just like all other countries, Canada is experiencing an opioid epidemic, with the use of illegal drugs also skyrocketing, leading to more deaths and hospitalizations in Canada than ever before in the history of the country.  Addiction treatment centers know that although many individuals seek help, there is a high rate of relapse once they leave any program.  According to the Canadian Association of Mental Health (CAMH), those individuals who suffer from addiction problems, whether it’s drugs or alcohol, or both (called dual addictions), many times also suffer from mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder.  Therefore, Aftercare Programs are stressed by any addiction counselling service in Canada. Mental health issues must also be addressed in order to prevent relapse and this is only done through a thorough Aftercare Program

Fortunately, there are Aftercare Programs for Addiction that Exist Online.

Since both addiction and mental health issues carry a stigma, much of the reluctance to follow-through with Aftercare Programs, stems from the reluctance of individuals to admit to society, family and friends that they suffer from addiction and mental health issues.  This leads them to avoid the meetings and follow-ups that must occur in order to stay clean and sober and work through their mental health issues.  Addiction Rehab in Toronto is one such facility that is using Online Aftercare Programs in order to assist individuals once they become clean and sober.  Addiction Rehab Online Aftercare Programs are a continuing part of the process of combating addictions and staying healthy.  These programs are part and parcel of Rehab Relapse Programs and are gaining much popularity. 

These programs can even be used to combat addictions entirely online by providing constant access.

Some individuals are even too ashamed to enter a facility and choose online addiction counselling as an alternative to beat the addiction themselves.  However, these programs are not for everyone, as any online program does rely on the individual doing most of the work themselves.  Those that are severely addicted and have hit rock bottom with no Internet access of course, would not be a good fit for any online addiction or counselling program, or even an online Aftercare Program.  Once an addiction rules someone’s life, immediate intervention might be needed before any Aftercare Program is even considered.  Once someone’s life is in danger from addiction, a good rehab center at which they can stay may be necessary for the initial withdrawal stages.  These usually include a more comfortable and medically supervised type of withdrawal as some drugs, including alcohol, when withdrawn too quickly can cause seizures. 

Care is needed in any type of withdrawal of drugs or alcohol both during the process and afterwards. 

When considering withdrawing from any substance a good counsellor with a drug and alcohol rehab center should be consulted.  Depending upon the depth of the addiction, there will be a unique strategy care plan, whether withdrawing online or offline.  Addiction is a disease and should be treated as such. 

About Addiction Rehab Toronto

Addiction Rehab Toronto does specialize in all types of withdrawals from addiction, as well as have a host of other types of counselling, both family and individual.  There is an Online Aftercare Program that is quite popular as well as in person and online counselling.  There is a chat line for immediate assistance, where an Intake Coordinator answers queries, a toll-free phone number, and of course an email and online form.

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