Finishing a Basement Can Add Value and Extra Living Space to Any Property

August 17 16:43 2020

Finishing a basement that is only used for storage, or may indeed just be empty, can be fun, and add extra value to any property.  The ideas abound for basement finishing and inspiration, and there literally is no limit to what can be accomplished.  Of course, as with everything else, space, time and affordability come into play!  Basement Renovations Now of Ontario, Canada realizes this and provides remarkable types of finished basement ideas and themes. Finished basement ideas and inspirations can be quite extensive and creativity does count!

A finished basement adds value to a property, but every dollar spent is not necessarily recovered. 

It’s a known fact by realtors worldwide that although a finished basement adds much needed extra living space, and some value to a property, each dollar spent might not be recovered upon the sale of a property.  This is because basement renovations are evaluated quite differently than above ground renovations.  A property owner should focus on the enjoyment that will be added to the property and choose the ideas and inspirations for the refinishing based on this thought.  A simple touch up with new paint and perhaps flooring might suffice for some property owners, while others who have more space and a larger budget may go further and add an entire family room or even a home theatre

Basement finishing ideas include turning a basement into an apartment to generate extra income.

This is not unheard of, and many property owners do turn to this idea.  If enough space exists a basement can become a tenancy situation or even “in-law” quarters for an older or younger generation.  If this option is chosen, however, there can be regulations that must be worked around such as ceiling height and other space requirements, as well as fire safety requirements.  Basements are underground and this must never be overlooked.   Checking with a good basement refinishing company should be the first step in any type of basement renovation.  All finished basement ideas and inspirations will also have regulations and safety requirements since basements ARE an underground space.

There are many things Canadians need to consider before finishing their basements.

There can be water issues, and these must be addressed.  Permits may be needed, the functionality of the basement assessed as well as space and structure of the overall premises.  Of course, costs also come into play, as a budget should be decided upon before any work begins.  A good overall visit by a consultant from a basement refinishing company should occur and a plan made to address issues before finishing begins.  All issues and needs should be discussed beforehand, given the location of the property. 

There are many reasons Canadians do finish basements, however.

Some of the primary ones are for additional rental income, to offset a mortgage, to add additional space to a growing family, or just to add privacy and get away to a quiet portion of the home.  These seem to be the prime three reasons, and finished basement ideas and inspirations do thrive around these reasons.  Of course, many more exist, but a consultation with a good basement finishing company is the very first step always! 

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