Vasily Kichigin invited to the New York Stock Exchange

August 16 06:39 2020

Top-Rated Seller on, Vasily Kichigin, gets invited to the NYSE as goes public

Not everyone, talk more of a young online business person gets to stand on the New York Stock Exchange floor. Therefore, Vasily’s invitation to the NYSE in 2019 when Fiverr launched their initial public offering was a feat worth celebrating and remains one till date. Vasily’s remarkable journey from being a potential tennis star to hitting it big as a freelancer makes the achievement even more laudable.

Vasily’s curiosity and passion for learning new things led him to the world of digital marketing, with his first real attempt coming from the promotion of an online sports product supplier. Vasily worked on the Instagram account of his coach’s struggling sports mat business and helped to increase its presence on the internet. While the rest they say is history, Vasily has continued to build on his success, learning from great business minds and online marketing experts to ensure that he meets and surpasses the expectations of his clients. Realizing the inherent potentials of social media marketing and enjoying the feeling of becoming better at his trade, Vasily went on Fiverr to expand his reach.

The decision paid off and Vasily quickly rose to prominence in his chosen category – digital marketing, with a focus on Instagram. Vasily was not only dominating Fiverr, as he also caught the attention of businesses outside the platform, as his personal YouTube and IGTV blogs continued to grow. Forum organizers in different parts of the world became interested in his story and started inviting him as a speaker to their events, including LEAP Summit, Payoneer Forum, Manila Hustle Conference, and others.

Vasily has grown over the 5 year period he worked on, becoming a Top Rated and Pro Seller on the platform. The young digital marketing solutions provider created several gigs to help people with Instagram marketing and slowly started to get traction of orders. So far, he has completed over 20,000 orders on Fiverr, working with over 11,000 customers worldwide and earning more than $1,000,000.

The success he achieved in less than a decade led to the invitation to the New York Stock Exchange in 2019 when Fiverr went on IPO.

Vasily’s journey through life has been incredible, to say the least, delivering inspiring results of companies and brands that he worked with.

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