The Active Path Teaches People How To Harness The Power Of Their Negative Emotions

August 15 06:53 2020
The Active Path Teaches People How To Harness The Power Of Their Negative Emotions
Is Positive Thinking Actually Preventing People From Achieving More In Life?

Tom Reilly, the Founder of The Active Path is turning the self-help world on its head by empowering people to harness the power of their negative emotions to move themselves forward and finally start creating the changes they want in their life.

To quote Tom Reilly:

“The extreme focus on always having to feel positive has become a bit of an epidemic, and is actually disempowering many people and holding them back from achieving more in life… It is causing people to believe there is something wrong with them, when there isn’t. Negative emotions are perfectly natural. They are part of our creative process.

“By learning how to harness the energy of these emotions and using it in a positive way people can finally start moving forward and creating the changes they want in their lives.”

Tom teaches that it is not the negative emotions themselves that hold people back. He says that it is only when people suppress these emotions, and keep the energy bottled up inside that they keep people stuck in place. But when people learn to leverage this energy in a positive and creative way it they can create massive changes in their lives relatively quickly.

Does it actually work? Tom teaches his success techniques and principles for free to a global group of students. This group can be accessed by anyone through the Active Path website, and it is full of success stories. According to the many testimonials on The Active Path website it seems that Tom’s students are having great results. There is an ever expanding list of successes at

“We have all accomplished something just because we were mad, frustrated, or upset. Maybe it was getting a better job, moving into a healthier relationship, or even just cleaning the closet, but we have all done it. This is just a small example of how people can finally move forward by using the power of their negative emotions instead of suppressing them and remaining stuck in place.”

Tom Reilly has been a self-help student and teacher for more that thirty years. He is dedicated to empowering people to change their lives, their communities, and the world.

About The Active Path:

The Active Path is dedicated to changing the world. We empower individuals to change their lives, and then bring these powerful people together to coordinate their time and energy to creating massive change in their communities, and the world.

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